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Frequently Asked Questions about SELF STORAGE

How does RedBox Self Storage work

      1. Getting started 

  • Choose a size – RedBox Mini Storage provides various sizes for commercial and residential storage. Decide how much space you need by our Space Calculator or with our Storage Team; a list of items or dimensions of your boxes may help!
  • Find a Location – Begin with searching for the best fit location for yourself. With RedBox’s district-wide storage facilities located across Hong Kong, we could be just around the corner.
  • Book & Move-In – You can rent a self storage unit online, via our Customer Service Centre or directly at one of our self storage facilities on site.  You can sign an electronic contract remotely or complete the paperwork in person on the move-in day.

      2.  Booking

      3. Specials & Discounts

  • All RedBox Storage offers are available on our Offers page. If you have any questions or need more details, please give us a call or reach us via whatsapp and live chat.

      4. Rental Terms 

  • We provide flexible, month-to-month rental options. You decide how long the contract lasts, and simply give us 1 month’s notice to end the agreement.

      5. Accessing the storage

  • Once you are moved in, a set of unique pin codes will be provided to access the floor where your storage unit is located. Make sure to save yourself enough time to complete all you have to do during the following access hours so you would be able to exit.
  • Storage Access Hours: 7 am to 12 am (Daily)
  • Reception Office Hours: See the hours of each Locations

      6. Restricted Items

  • For all RedBox customers and your safety, there are some items that are forbidden to be stored in our self storage facilities, including dangerous articles such as toxic/corrosive/oxidizing materials, flammable gases/liquids, explosives/guns and batteries. Click here to read the full list 

     7. Self Storage Cost

  • Storage unit prices are based on demand and can vary based on locations and/or time of the year. Decide which storage facility you prefer and contact us for more information on unit sizes and prices. We also offer special offers on different storage facilities.

      8. Age to Rent

  • RedBox welcomes customers 18 years old or older to rent self storage units.


  1. Locations & Accessibility
  2. Car Park
    • Carparking facility is available at all locations. Subject to availability and car park fee applies.
  3. Air-conditioner and lighting 
    • 24-hour air-conditioning with temperature and humidity control.
    • Motion sensors are installed for energy-saving purposes. Fans and lights will be activated when motion sensors detect movement.
  4. Security
    • Storage facilities are state-of-the-art and feature a secured, electronic gate with keypad access.
    • 24-hour surveillance camera monitoring and recording footage of each floor/facility from different angles.
    • Customers will be provided with a unique pin code to enter the floor door gate where the customer’s unit is located. Secure the storage unit with the customer’s lock.
  5. Packing Materials and Transporting services
    • Packing materials are sold both online and on site. You may visit our Box Shop for the dimensions and prices of the items. We offer Free delivery for online orders if your purchase is $1000 or more.
    • RedBox can assist you to get a quote from a trusted moving partner to provide packing and moving services that suit your needs.
  6. Trash Disposal
    • We don’t offer on site trash disposal. However, our Storage Team can assist you in locating the nearest trash disposal or recycling center.
  7. Deliveries
    • Our storage consultants aren’t able to accept deliveries on your behalf. You’re welcome to arrange for something to be delivered to your unit, but you’ll need to be present at the storage facility to pick up the delivered items.
  8. Restrooms
    • Restrooms are available at each storage facility, and the restrooms can only be accessed during office hours at each storage facility.


  1. How to Schedule a Visit to RedBox Mini Storage?
    • Website – Chat with us with our website’s live chat session.
    • Over the Phone – Call us at +852 2556 1116 or whatsapp us at +852 6791 7756 and talk to our Sales Team.
    • If you decide to visit on the day you contact us, please call us 30 minutes prior to your arrival to make sure we have an on site consultant to assist you.
    • Note: To ensure we have enough time to introduce you to our storage facility, we usually keep the last visit appointment 1 hour before closing hours.
  2. What You’ll Need 
    • Simply leave us your name and contact number for making the appointment, so we can keep you updated on RedBox’s news.
  3. Changing Your Visit Appointment
    • If you plan to change your schedule, inform us as soon as you decide. Our Storage Team will help you arrange another time.
  4. How to Book a Unit
    • Online – Book the Self Storage unit online. Choose the facility, size, move-in date and protection plan you prefer, RedBox’s Storage Team will contact you for details by email.
    • In-Person – After visiting our facilities, you may reserve the unit with our Storage Team.
  5. Changing the Reserved Unit Size
    • Before processing the agreements and payments, we are flexible in terms of changing the reserved storage size. Seek assistance from our Storage Team once you decide to make a change.
  6. Move-in & booking
    • For online bookings, we recommend viewing the unit upon your arrival on the move-in day.
    • It is not a must to book a unit before you move in; you may walk in and check with us on units’ availability. If you find the best-suited option, then you can rent it right away.


  1. Completing your rental agreement
    • You can sign an electronic contract remotely or complete the rental agreement in person on move-in day.  For completing the rental agreement, keep in mind this may take 20-30 minutes to complete.
  2. Storage Size
    • Storage size can be confirmed right before you sign the agreement and process the payment. If you decide you need a smaller or bigger space afterward, RedBox’s Storage Team will be happy to assist you.
  3. What to Bring
    • For individual users, bring along your original HKID card or passport, and proof of present address. (utility/bank statement valid within last 3 months)
    • For commercial users, bring along the Certificate of Business Registration of the company, company authorization letter and company chop.
    • If you rent a self storage unit online, you may send us the above documents via email or provide the copies to us in person on site after renting online successfully.
  4. First Time Payment
    • $75 administration fee (one-off), and rent for the initial rental period.
    • Deposit Policy:
      • No Deposit: A mandatory registration to payment by Credit Card Autopay or Direct Debit. 
      • With Deposit: Mandatory security deposit of One-month standard rent (Refundable).
    • Storage protection plan starting from $25/month. To update your protection plan arrangement, please contact us.
    • We accept Visa, Master, Union Pay, EPS and cheque. With the online system, we accept Visa and Master.
    • For other payment details, please visit the Login page for more information.
  5. Locks
    • Bring along your padlock to secure the storage unit’s door.
    • Have no idea about the size of the padlock? 40mm is a good fit, but do not bring anything larger than 50mm.
    • No Time to get one, no worries we sell locks on our Box Shop and also on site.
  6. Protection Plan
    • A protection plan is available from $25/month for customers. We strongly advise protecting your storage items with a suitable protection plan. Ask our Storage Team for details on protection plans and coverage.
  7. Access Code
    • A unique access pin code is provided on the storage agreement to access the floor entrance where your storage unit is located.
    • The code can also access the floor where our reception and restrooms are located.
    • For Smart Storage user, manage your access on the RedBox Mobile App.
  8. Moving in your items
    • Trolleys are provided for customers; please register with our Storage Team if there is a security chain connecting the trolleys.


  1. Terminating your rental agreement
    • One month’s notice has to be given by either party to terminate the rental agreement.
    • Sign the official Termination Notice on the move-out day to confirm items are vacated from the unit.
  2. Deposit Refund
    • Deposit is refunded by cheque. It will be ready 14 working days after you sign the official termination notice.
    • Choose a way of collecting the cheque on the move-out day: Pickup at the RedBox storage facility or have RedBox mailing the cheque to your address by registered post. (Postage fee: $20 will be charged)
    • Our Storage Team will contact you by phone when the cheque is ready.
  3. Deposit offset other charges
    • Storage deposit cannot be used to settle any storage or other fees.


  1. Ways to Pay
    • FPS – Faster Payment System ID and QR code of the corresponding facility are stated on your monthly invoices, please email/fax/Whatsapp the payment record with your unit(s) number to the storage facility you are storing with us.
    • Bank Transfer – Bank account of the corresponding facility is stated on your monthly invoices, please email/fax/Whatsapp the payment advice with your unit(s) number to the facility you store with us.
    • Credit Card – Please visit Login to pay online  or Download RedBox App to pay online.
    • AutoPay  — Please call 2687 3288 to arrange payment authorization.
    • In-person – You may visit our receptions during office hours, and we accept Visa, MasterCard, Union Pay, FPS, EPS and cheque.
  2. Invoices & receipts 
    • Invoices are sent out 20 days before your payment due date by email. You may also view and download the invoices via the App and Login.
    • Payment Successful Notification emails will be sent after the payment is successfully verified. View and download the receipts on Login.
  3. Late fee
    • Late fee will be applied for late payment and customers are refused to access the storage facility before the overdue is settled.


  1. RedBox’s Storage Units
    • Difference sizes of traditional storage units are provided in all storage facilities. Choose the size that fits your needs.
    • The unit height allows you to deck up your items and maximize the usage of the unit.
    • The top is covered by a steel net to allow ventilation and lights.
    • Keyless Smart Access available in Tsuen Wan Smart.
  2. RedBox's Storage Locker
    • Lockers are designed to cater users with small amounts of storage items.
    • Lower deck is easy to reach and store, upper deck has better ventilation.
    • Now available in Tuen Mun and Chai Wan.
  3. Fire Prevention Units
    • RedBox Storage’s state-of-the-art fireproof units are installed in Sha Tin CityOne, Chai Wan, Yau Tong, Tuen Mun and Tsuen Wan to provide storage units with a better fire-resisting nature.
    • Entirely built with certified 30 minutes fire-resisting materials.
    • Separated fire panel installed to send alarm signals directly to the Hong Kong Fire Services Communication Centre.
    • Deployment of energy-efficient lighting that automatically turns on when movement is detected and turns off after 15 minutes.
    • Individual light & heat sensor.
    • Temperature and humidity are kept constant.Entirely built with certified fire resisting materials.
    • Confined unit with higher privacy.

About the size of your Self Storage Unit 

  • Calculation of the Size of the Self Storage Unit 
    The size (or area or volume) of each of our self storage units as shown on our website is calculated by multiplying the width and depth of such self storage unit (the “Calculation”). The data relating to such width and depth used for the Calculation have been obtained from plans prepared and provided to us by our consultant in which such plans have been submitted to the Fire Services Department for seeking relevant regulatory approval in respect of our self-storage facility. In the Calculation, the full thickness of the self storage unit’s enclosing walls, and any door and door frame are included. All common areas such as stairs, lift shafts, lobbies and toilets are excluded. Dimensions of the self storage unit used for the Calculation may deviate from its actual dimensions; and all of our self storage units are offered to be licenced on an “as-is” basis.
  • Self Storage Unit Size Disclaimer 
    You acknowledge that the size (or area or volume) of each of our self storage units as shown on our website is for reference only and agree that RedBox makes no representation or warranty as to the actual size (or area or volume) of the relevant self storage unit and expressly excludes liability for any such inaccuracies or errors to the fullest extent permitted by law. In the event of dispute, the calculation method used by us for calculating the size of the self storage units, including without limitation, the method we use in obtaining the data of the dimensions (i.e. width and depth) of the relevant storage unit, shall be absolute and conclusive.

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