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10 Clever Storage Ideas to help with your New-Born’s needs

Friday, February 10, 2023


Congratulations to the new parents and your newborn baby! Every baby deserves the best nurturing care, exhaustive as it may be. There is a long list of baby care products to take care of now - including babywear, pacifiers, soft toys, and so much more. Without a systematic storage system in place, you could soon be fatigued by constantly searching through baby clutter for diapers and toys amidst your newborn's cries. Here are 10 genius storage ideas to save parents time and energy cleaning up a nursery.

1. Store Baby's Toys in Cube Organizer Shelves

A clutter-free nursery with every essential stored in neatly packed storage cubes will be a stress-free nursery. These cube shelves hold large storage capacity without wasting a single inch, unlike other triangle-shaped or floating wall shelves. They keep your nursery impeccably organized, kid-friendly and safe. These storage cubes are also stackable and height adjustable depending on your personal preferences and newborn's needs. Stack more cube shelves and create more storage space to accommodate additional baby care products and toys. 

2. Use Over-the-door Organizers

Your door can also become an essential of your nursery storage space. By hanging an over-the-door organizer, you can store miscellaneous newborn skincare and hygiene essentials in one place. Not only will this provide additional storage, but the hanging organizer will also be a decorative ornament to delight your bundle of joy. 

3. Set up a mobile Diaper Changing Station

Because parents change diapers every two to three hours, an accessible and convenient diaper changing station is indispensable for babies. It is also imperative that all the diaper essentials are within your reach near the changing table. By placing the diapers, wipes, changing pads, and some clothes in a rolling cart to push around for easy moving, everything will be at your fingertips. These trollies are also perfect for storing baby care products, such as rash ointments and creams. 

4. Select a Toy Box/ Bookshelf That Doubles As Furniture

In space-starved Hong Kong, shelves with bench seats are a lifesaver. They feature ergonomic seating with storage solutions all in one aesthetic piece. Some toy boxes and bookshelves can also offer extra sitting spots when turned to one side while still storing toys and baby essentials. Putting a cushion on top of the hard surface creates a space to comfortably cuddle up in the nursery. In order to maximize the use of limited space, it’s important to select multifunctional furniture.

5. Organize Nursery Dressers

Newborns outgrow their clothing in the blink of an eye. In order to organize the nursery dressers before they are cluttered with garments, fold clothes using the popular KonMari method -essentially file folding clothes. These simple organization techniques will turn your dresser basically into a neat bookcase where you take out a piece of clothing, without messing up the other clothes, just as you would take a book off a shelf.

6. Maximize Your Closet Space

If you have a closet instead of dressers, using closet dividers, hangers with labels, and bins to categorize newborn clothes will save time and stress. Not only do babies grow out of their clothes so quickly, they also require a wide variety of clothing like onesies, rompers, footies, blanket sleepers and burp clothes. Categorizing clothes based on their uses and sizes will help you fully utilize your closet space and makes it easier to search for a particular item.

8. Opt for Toy Storage Labels

Baby care products and toys are often delicate and span many different categories that can be randomly stored in the room. By labelling every basket, bin, and storage container, you can locate the items quickly.

9. Place Toys in Baby’s Closet

Newborn clothes are usually quite small and won’t use up all the space in the baby's closet. Instead of wasting this space, place stackable drawers and cube organizer shelves for additional storage in the closet. It will allow you to store baby toys and products that are used infrequently but occasionally come in handy.

10. Store Baby’s Toys in Self-storage

Such is the clutter of toys and rarely used baby products that even the best-organized spaces are not big enough. Storing them temporarily in mini storage spaces offers the ultimate flexibility for unused toys and clothes. When you need them, they canbe easily retrieved while saving more space in your apartment.

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