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5 Sparking Joy with Tidying Tactics From Marie Kondo

Thursday, January 19, 2023

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One of the simple truths of living in Hong Kong is the constant struggle to try and make the most out of the home space that you have. Living with limited space makes storage and organization a top priority. Fortunately, we can rely on the wisdom of industry guru’s like Marie Kondo, Japan’s “Queen of Storage”, who is world-renowned for her revolutionary set of household storage techniques called the "KonMari Method". At the top of her list for the process of de-cluttering and tidying up, Kondo includes steps such as checking on her feelings for items to make sure she is keeping things that truly matter and spark joy deep down in her heart. If they don’t invoke that feeling, then the item has no business in the house anymore. In this article, we will integrate her five home storage and de-cluttering tips in a Hong Kong context in order to make better use of your home space and live more comfortably with a brand new lifestyle.

Books Storage Skills: De-cluttering

Books can often be sentimental in value and are one type of household item that many people find difficult to de-clutter. Kondo believes that the key to tackling books is to find the ones that are absolutely necessary. She suggests that when trying to rearrange your bookshelves, take out all the books for sorting and place them on the floor. Then take each book in your hand to see whether this action sparks joy and only hold on to the ones that you treasure and adore while donating the rest if possible.

Living Room Storage Skills: Displaying Memories That Sparks Joy

Items with commemorative value, such as gifts and photos, may not necessarily be functional life essentials. However, they will often bring back significant memories, and it’s the type of emotional association that makes the task of tidying them up extremely challenging. Kondo suggests that instead of piling up these memories in corners to collect dust, turn them instead into home decor by prominently displaying them. Embellishing your living room with the knickknacks you bought while traveling and decorating the walls with your favorite photos will help you relive those heartwarming memories.

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Toilet Storage Skills: Make Good Use of Storage Boxes

Beyond de-cluttering and giving away your old stuff, sorting and organizing skills are also a crucial part of the KonMari method. Kondo recommends making good use of storage boxes to store objects of the same category. For example, when cleaning your washroom put cosmetics, skin care products, shower gel and assorted toiletries into different storage boxes. Keep the boxes in drawers or wall cabinets so that you can find the items you need right away to help save time and energy.

Kitchen Storage Skills: "Frequency" Classification

Besides utilizing storage boxes, Kondo also encourages readers to classify the frequency of use to determine the necessity of items. When you start tidying your kitchen up, put the more commonly used cups, dishes and silverware in an easy-to-reach area while relegating the less-used pots and utensils to the top of the cabinet. According to your own living and usage habits, organizing the items in the most convenient way and order is another sound de-cluttering strategy.

Wardrobe Storage Skills: "Origami" Clothes Folding Method

The global popularity of the KonMari method has its roots largely in her extremely efficient way of folding clothes. No matter how much energy is devoted to de-cluttering, your clothes are still likely to be piling up somewhere in your house. In order to help avoid the mountains of clothing, Kondo introduced her own unique routine of folding.

Firstly, lay the garment flat in front of you and fold it on the right side with the sleeve flat before proceeding to fold back the sleeve halfway. Fold over the left side and repeat the sleeve fold, leaving you with a rectangle. Move on to fold in the neckline an inch or so away from the hem and then fold halfway two times so the garment now stands upright. The clothes should resemble an origami form with this folding method, making them easier to be sorted and recognized - the ultimate secret to creating an orderly and joyful closet.

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Household storage is often easier said than done and a thorough de-cluttering is definitely a process that takes time. It is also worth noting that because household sizes in Hong Kong are often limited, you may not be able to free up sufficient home space even after all your de-cluttering work. RedBox is a trusted and viable option for external storage space with simple, safeguarded and convenient storage rental services. Our facilities are equipped with a 24-hour temperature and humidity control system, making it perfect for storing clothes, household items or expensive sports and electronic equipment. We also provide Door-to-door Storage service and a flexible rental period that can be as temporary as just one month in order to cater to your short-term storage needs.

An industry-acknowledged leader in storage solutions, RedBox will keep your valuables safe in all five of their top-quality storage facilities spread across Hong Kong.


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