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How Can Storage Solutions Help SMEs to Expand Business?

Thursday, May 25, 2023

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An integral part of business expansion focuses on increasing your office space for higher production capacity. Some SMEs may consider renting a new office or storefront space without realizing that their existing spaces can further be optimized to accommodate more staff, available goods, and technologies to drive more sales. Maximizing available space is undeniably the most practical and affordable solution for growing a business effortlessly. Read on to learn how to organize your office space for maximal productivity by utilizing self-storage, document storage, and space transformation.

Self-storage: Increase Office Storage

Keeping all operating expenses at a minimum, including rent, is crucial for maintaining a business's profitability. Especially when property prices are skyrocketing and unlikely to falter anytime soon, freeing up extra space is a cost-effective solution for expanding your office space size as opposed to renting a new expensive workspace. Self-storage saves you from racking your brain to reorganize what space is available for storing a large pile of miscellaneous items and business inventory – by simply relocating them to a secure lockup unit that offers plenty of affordable space.

You can move out stock products, spare machinery, and large quantities of office accessories to free up valuable floor space, which allows you to purchase new equipment, hire new employees, and refresh office layouts to assist productivity and business expansion. With RedBox Storage, you can rest assured that your belongings are stored in temperature and humidity-controlled warehouses with around-the-clock CCTV and door access controls, while being perfectly safe from thefts and break-ins. Moreover, we provide convenient access to your secured storage unit so you can access the business inventory whenever needed to maximize every square foot of your office space.

Cost-effective & Secure Document Storage

As a business expands, its volume of data grows along with more transactional documents, business contracts, employee records, sensitive data, and other files that need to be protected regarding legal concerns. Such a massive amount of paperwork not only requires hours of manual labor to organize and file but is also likely to clutter up your storage room and make retrieval challenging. Utilize document storage to eliminate paper clutter once and for all!

Document storage instantly clears your filing cabinets and storage bins to free up office space by shifting your non-urgent business records to a secure lock-up unit. Organize and archive your documents in a vast array of racks, shelves, and storage boxes while enjoying unlimited access to retrieve important records conveniently throughout the week. When you move your important filing to RedBox Document Storage off-site, you can feel good knowing that our certified firebox units are built with 30-minute fireproofing walls and ceilings as well as steel doors that withstand temperatures up to 1000°C. Also, our top-of-the-line secure facilities ensure that your confidential records and other private documentation are stored safely for complete peace of mind.

Most important of all, you can reduce staff expenses for managing paperwork to generate more business profits while eliminating any inefficiency due to poor document management – boosting production capacity as your business expands. If you wish to learn more about our document storage solutions, feel free to get in touch, and we will get back to you soon. You may also reserve our firebox unit directly from our reservation platform.

Improve Office Layout with Space Transformation

Every inch of the floor area you reclaim in your office constitutes the potential for growing your business. Refresh your office design and layout to optimize space to its fullest; create dedicated workspaces, hot desks, activity-based workstations, and more for an increasing number of employees to fulfill more orders and production requests to scale up operations. In addition to office capacity, you can consider how to repurpose particular areas and what types of new technology to introduce into your workplace to help foster team collaboration, bolster productivity, and elevate the commercial space – all in perfect alignment with your new business plans for future expansion.

When discussing space transformation, we are not encouraging you to invest heavily in a major renovation – what is of most importance is improving your office layout so that it benefits your business productivity, efficiency, and workflows while creating a flexible workplace. For instance, if your colleagues have little space to move around, you can demolish the vacant storage room to add openness and flow. Alternatively, transform that space into several phone booths or hot desks for added functionality, which can come into play as soon as your business expands.

Expand Your Business with Storage Solutions

Optimizing office space not only reduces costs but also helps scale up operations to boost SMEs’ production capacity and deliver a high return on investment in the long run. Self-storage, document storage, and space transformation are the key to expanding your office without costing as much as renting a new office, while building a robust business base for a constant flux of customers and rapid growth.

Ready to take your business to the next level? Get in touch with RedBox Storage, the largest storage facility in Hong Kong. The fireproof unit stores your inventory, documents, and office equipment in temperature- and humidity-controlled warehouses with top-notch security systems. Request online availability and schedule a visit now.


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RedBox is situated at 6 locations in Hong Kong throughout New Territories, Kowloon, and Hong Kong Island. Learn more about all-weather storage solutions starting from as little as nine square feet on the website. With RedBox, decluttering becomes ever easier to save more space at home.

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