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Living Up To The New – Official – Gold Standard In Self Storage

Thursday, July 22, 2021

RedBox Storage | The first Hong Kong company to earn Gold Accreditation in new SAFE Self Storage standards and certification programme

It’s not exactly a secret that space is at a premium in Asia’s largest cities. And nowhere is that lack of space more acute than in residential flats in Hong Kong wherein 2019 alone, 49% of completed residential developments averaged below 430sqft per unit. Consequently, finding a secondary storage space for essential goods and cherished collectibles becomes quite important. Even more important, though, is finding a storage space you can trust.

“In most cases, we are handling our customers valuables and often they are keepsakes that have intrinsic value,” said Tim Alpe, CEO of RedBox Storage. “At its core, our business is based on trust; how you establish that trust is crucial. Obviously, it helps to have a good track record. But these days our customers have become more and more discerning, which is why it’s important to have an independent valuation system in place that is respected by both consumers and the industry itself to provide that added transparency.”    

Thanks to the Self Storage Association Asia (SSAA) – a group representing industry members from Japan to New Zealand and as far west as Jordan – there is now a sweeping and authoritative endorsement program that will help consumers make more informed storage choices. After a year of industry wide consultation, leading members in the SSAA have collaborated to establish Asia’s first standards and certification programme in Hong Kong with the introduction of the SAFE Self Storage Standards.

Andrew Work (left, Executive Director, SSAA proudly presents the first SAFE certification to Tim Alpe (CEO, RedBox).

Andrew Work (left, Executive Director, SSAA proudly presents the first SAFE certification to Tim Alpe (CEO, RedBox).

In order for the certification to have any teeth, it needs to be independent and The Association has appointed respected global real estate consultants Knight Frank to manage the programme in a transparent manner. Promoting regulatory compliance, best practice and accountability in the self storage industry in Hong Kong, the SAFE [Self Storage, Assured, Fit-out, Endorsement] requires applicants to comply with Fire Services Department (FSD) and Buildings Department (BD) safety guidelines to secure a Gold level accreditation. Applicants must pass a rigorous approval process through a government Authorized Person (AP) to receive a Gold, Silver or Bronze certificate for each location.

Gold Certificates will indicate a site is compliant with BD and FSD fire regulations at time of inspection and will be valid for three years. Silver Certificates will indicate plans to bring a site into compliance are AP approved and valid for one year, while Bronze Certificates indicate plans for a new (yet to be built) site are AP approved and should, when built, provide for an approved site. Consumers and businesspeople can confirm the status of each site by visiting the SAFE dedicated website at

“Working in concert with solutions proposed by relevant Hong Kong government bodies, we believe the SAFE programme will reinforce transparency and increase customer confidence,” said Simon Tyrrell, Executive Chairman of RedBox Storage. “It will establish recognized standards of compliance that landlords, bankers, insurers and prospective investors apply to all operators. Ultimately, we aim to redefine the self storage industry as a trusted partner of the stakeholders it serves.”

With five storage locations throughout Hong Kong, RedBox is always eager to provide reassurances to customers on the safety of their belongings. Becoming the first local operator to receive the Gold accreditation at their Tuen Mun location has done just that. “Trust is something that takes time to develop, reputations are not built over night,” said Alpe. “We don’t ask our customers to trust us. We earn that trust. What the Gold Accreditation does is both officially validate our operation and confirm our core practices.”

Tim Alpe (right) shares the achievement of the SAFE certification with Vinsy Po (left, Facility Supervisor, RedBox Tuen Mun).

Tim Alpe (right) shares the achievement of the SAFE certification with Vinsy Po (left, Facility Supervisor, RedBox Tuen Mun).

Among those core practices, Alpe cited the company’s three basic values: Authority, Professionalism and Integrity. “We are an authority in our field who aims to take industry standards to new heights.” he said. “Our professionalism is not only in everything we do, it’s also government compliant and our integrity, well that is our word. Simplifying those values has allowed us to concentrate on the task at hand.”

It has also allowed RedBox the opportunity to get more ambitious in their objective of becoming the first operator to apply for and receive the SAFE. accreditation for all RedBox facilities. “Having our Tuen Mun location receive the first Gold Accreditation in Hong Kong was only the first step,” said Alpe. “Since then we’ve successfully had our Chai Wan locations Gold certified and it’s something our team aspires towards to get all our other locations completed as well. You can’t overstate the fact that while we work hard to earn our customers trust, we work even harder to keep that trust. After all, we have your valuables, in our care.”

More about Self Storage Association Asia –

Self Storage Association Asia (“SSAA”) is the non-profit industry body representing the Self Storage and Valet Storage industry across Asia and supporting members to drive best practices and professionalism across the storage sector.

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