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[Moving Abroad] How To Store Your Valuables When Moving Out Of H.K.?

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Moving Out

In recent years,  more and more people have chosen to move abroad with their families to start a brand new life in a new place. Under COVID-19, for expats considering relocating back to or stuck in their home countries temporarily, affordable storage solutions become life essentials in these difficult times. Immigrating or relocation is one of the most important decisions in life. Apart from handling tedious residency application procedures, education choices, accommodation, and work arrangements, immigrants also need to cope with cumbersome house-moving matters such as packing and logistic arrangements. Moving house moving in Hong Kong is troublesome enough. One need not emphasize the challenges you might face if you are moving out of the country. To save on space and financial expenditure, many people will only bring necessities when they are moving abroad instead of bringing all their belongings along with them. It is often for people to seek temporary storage space in Hong Kong for a few months when they move out of the city until travel restrictions are lifted with lower relocation costs. However, some precious items should not be discarded, be it your old collectibles, long-cherished toys, family keepsakes, music records, favorite books, etc. How to dispose of these treasured memory containers if you are moving out of Hong Kong? In fact, you can pick a storage space provider to ease your worries about moving and storage issues.

Storage service for people moving abroad or out

There are countless  storage companies in Hong Kong that provide space rental services for you to store your valuables. For people moving out of the country, this kind of storage service can indeed assist you in keeping the items left in Hong Kong. However, the service quality and facilities of some local storage companies are questionable. Under the humid climate of Hong Kong, your valuables could be dampened or get molds as well. On the other hand, some of the cheaper, smaller storage companies do not have one-stop services to assist customers with the logistics arrangement of moving and storage. Often the customers have to figure out their own way to transport valuables to the storage space, complicating the moving process. Therefore, you should choose a high-quality moving and storage company with all-around services to stay worry-free.

RedBox Storage

RedBox is one of the largest self storage operators in Hong Kong, with unparalleled superior facilities compared to other choices on the market. With five superb locations across Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, and the New Territories, you could always find one that is convenient enough. RedBox provides flexible storage solutions to fit your varied needs, from temporary to long-term. RedBox Storage is committed to keeping your belongings safe with several measures for your peace of mind:

Online and contactless rental process

Enjoy added convenience with extra storage space – no matter where you are. RedBox leverages technology and makes sure all of the rental processes of our storage units could be completed online and contactless, covering your rental journey milestones from reservation, contract signing to the moving in of your valuables, Simply access our Online Booking Tools to experience a hassle-free storage rental process in just a few steps:

Step 1: Information on RedBox storage units

Skip the in-person visit and go on a virtual tour of our facilities or get sizing information of our storage solutions through our Youtube videos.

Step 2: Space Calculator

Get an estimation of the amount of space you might need with our easy-to-use space calculator – we provide pre-set collections for general office or home settings.

Step 3: Book Online

Confirm your booking details and pay online – simply select the location and storage size that fit you the most. You can also purchase the packaging material from our online store. 

Step 4: Confirmation & e-signing

Follow the instructions in your confirmation email to proceed to and sign the contract online. You would be all set even if you had moved out of town.

Certified security measures, accredited by industry experts

All RedBox storage spaces and facilities are equipped with alarms and fire suppression equipment. Always complying with the latest regulations of authorities, Redbox is the first-ever storage operator in Hong Kong to be cerificated by S.A.F.E self storage standards launched of the Self Storage Association of Asia under the vetting of Knight Frank. In addition, you could find CCTVs, surveillance cameras, and door access control systems in all of RedBox's facilities, monitoring every storage unit and corner 24/7 to keep your assets safe even if you move out of town.

Temperature Control

Under the humid climate of Hong Kong, many items have a high risk of deteriorating if stored in one single place for a long period unmoved. The loss definitely outweighs the gain if your valuables are damaged this way. Things get worse if you are moving abroad since you will no longer go to the storage facility to organize or clean as often as you would if you were in town. That is exactly why you should consider choosing a storage space with temperature regulating control. RedBox mini storage spaces have top-level room temperature control to keep the temperature and humidity constant, protecting your belongings from damages caused by them.

Door-to-door Service

Apart from our self storage service, the Door-to-door Storage Service is definitely the best go-to for people moving out of Hong Kong. For those who have a few items to store, you can book a delivery appointment to your preferred locations.

RedBox would come to your doorstep and collect the boxes for storage. Contract-free, enjoy flexibility while you keep your belongings safe and sound in a storage space out from home.

By storing your most precious and important valuables with RedBox, you can move abroad at ease and start a new life with peace of mind.


About RedBox Mini Storage

RedBox Mini Storage, Hong Kong's Premier Storage Provider

RedBox’s storage solutions: Self Storage | Self-managed storage units to suit every need; Door-To-Door Storage | We pick up, store and deliver your items when suits you; Business Storage | We offer tailored and flexible solutions to maximize your business performance; Packaging & Merchandise | Everything you need to protect your belongings.

RedBox Mini Storage make de-cluttering your residence simple and stress-free. For however long you need space for, we’re here to help. Whether it’s extra furniture, ski equipment, seasonal clothes or an extensive collection of rare antiquarian books, RedBox Mini Storage have a personal storage idea that will feel custom-made for you. Just tell us about your clutter and we’ll advise you the rest of the way. Your valuables are always in our care.

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