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【Premium Pet Supplies Expo】Pet Supplies Storage Tips

Thursday, June 1, 2023

【Premium Pet Supplies Expo】Pet Supplies Storage Tips

You all know that with cats and dogs comes chaos and mess. Whether it is their muddy pawprints on floors or filthy toys being tossed everywhere in your living room, they just rack your brain. To keep your home clean and tidy, we have rounded up the top 6 storage tips that help free up space for more pet toys and food, so you can shop stress-free in the upcoming Premium Pet Supplies Expo and Hong Kong Cat Expo. Let’s dive in!

1. Tuck-away Dog/ Cat Food Container

Large or growing pets have high-energy needs and require a lot of food, plus the fact that kibble often comes in bulky bags, all of these make storage more cumbersome. We suggest repurposing a cabinet that is initially designed for garbage bins into a tuck-away storage space for storing cat/ dog food supplies in bulk. To keep the pet food fresh and dry, always store it in an airtight container to avoid exposure to oxygen and moisture.

Also, double up your tuck-away storage space by using a rolling two-tier food container. When it is feeding time, simply roll the whole container out, scoop the kibble into a dish, and push it back into the cabinet conveniently. Since cats and dogs need various food and supplements to grow and maintain health, these airtight tiers can help store different types of pet treats systematically.

Pet food container

2. Dog Walking Station

Most dogs need a walk at least once a day. Whenever you take them out for a walk, you always search for their leashes, pet treats, toys, diapers, waste bags, and so on. Then why not keep all these dog-walking essentials in one place to simplify your daily routines?

A dog walking station has been a popular storage hack for organizing messy pet supplies in an accessible spot, for example, the door entrance, where you quickly pick up a handy basket or tote carrying the walking gear. Some people hang hooks by the door to neatly store harnesses and leashes; others may place the pet supplies in additional bins and caddies. 

3. Built-in Cat & Dog Beds

Who says cats and dogs do not need personal space? They enjoy curling up in a snug and warm corner while playing on their own and napping occasionally. Find a perfect spot in a small nook or under shelves to tuck in a comfortable pet bed. Doing so helps you spare space in your home and, most importantly, creates a calm, cozy place that makes your furry friend feel safer and more secure.

In this private nook, you can place your pets' favorite essentials, such as chew toys, water bowls, cat trees, and other pet supplies, next to the built-in beds so that everything is conveniently accessible. If you have a limited living space, consider introducing a built-in cat/ dog bed to maximize your storage efficiency. 

4. Pet Toy Storage Bins & Baskets 

Apart from tasty treats, toys are beloved companions for four-legged friends. An array of toys is available to keep your pets entertained so they are less likely to get tempted to search through your trash bin or break things off the shelves. For instance, dogs are obsessed with chewing toys, puzzle toys, and play toys, whereas cats love toys such as climbing frames, scratching posts, hiding places, etc. To ensure these pet toys are always within reach, place them in an open storage bin or basket near the floor level. This helps promote pet playtime and shows which toys are meant for them and which belong to your children. Moreover, place small plastic containers inside the storage bins to separate different types of toys for added organized space.

Dog toys bin floor leve

5. Pet Grooming Catchall

If you have bathed your pet, you know how time-consuming it is to gather all the grooming necessities, including shampoos, nail clippers, brushes, dental care supplies, and more. Why not designate a shelf in your utility room as the go-to storage space for all these clean-up essentials? Alternatively, you can outfit a portable caddy to carry around wherever you need to wash your cats and dogs, for example, during traveling.

Furthermore, prepare a stack of pet towels in a handy basket near the grooming area. This way, you can have them readily available whenever bath time rolls around, and you can keep them separate from your own towels to make the space more organized.

6. Storage Shelves for Pet Supplies

Whether it is floating shelves or standalone shelves, shelving is an instant way to add extra storage by utilizing the vertical space in your home. It keeps all sorts of pet supplies neat, clean, and conveniently accessible since dogs and cats often require many daily essentials.

Release More Pet Space With RedBox Storage

If you are still running out of space for pet supplies, you can declutter them or move them out to our self-storage units. As the largest storage facility in Hong Kong, RedBox Storage offers an extensive range of services, including smart self-storage, door-to-door storage, business storage, and more, helping families and companies to stay clutter-free. Place your pet supplies in our secure lock-up units so you can release more space for purchasing pet supplies in bulk at the Premium Pet Supplies Expo and Hong Kong Cat Expo. Request online availability and schedule a visit with us today.


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