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Your Ultimate Guide to Packing for Home Renovation

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Your Ultimate Guide to Packing for Home Renovation

Have you ever thought of including packing into your renovation plan?

After deciding on a renovation company, fine-tuning the design, and even figuring out where to live in the meantime, you’d have thought the hard parts of home renovation would be over. This is when your eyes drift towards all the stuff in your home and you realise, “Oh right, I have to pack!” Fear not—our comprehensive guide will unpack every step for you, from the initial planning to storage to unloading.

Before home renovation

Start early

This goes without saying, but the earlier you start, the smoother the whole process will be. We recommend you start packing at least three weeks in advance to avoid the all-too-familiar chaos of rush packing. In this stage, it’s helpful to draw up a rough inventory or checklist of the things you’re to pack in each room, and scout for packing supplies such as bubble wrap, boxes, and duct tape.

Book your storage and removal companies

The next step of planning in advance is to research and book a storage unit where you can stow away your belongings for the next few months. You’d want to look for a storage place that has good security, humidity control, and one that comes with an insurance plan for peace of mind.

At the same time, don’t forget to start hunting for removal companies that can get your boxes to the storage place on move-out day. Keep in mind not only the price of each service, but their cancellation policies, moving van sizes, and the like. If you don’t want so much hassle, some storage companies such as RedBox do provide door-to-door delivery packages that you can check out.

Pack systematically and declutter

Maybe you’ve been dreading this moment, or maybe you’re rearing to go; either way, it’s time to get packing for real. Tick off the checklist you made earlier as you go through your home room by room, and if you wish, you could make a separate checklist for your valuables. Start with non-essentials such as books, and save essentials such as toiletries for last so you can bring with you during your few months’ stay away from home.

As you’re packing and going through your old stuff, it’s also a prime time to consider this question: Do you really need all of these things? Sort your items into four categories: keep, donate, gift, and trash, and you’ll soon discover you have less to pack than you thought.

Label your boxes

Labelling your boxes will save you a world of confusion when you unpack. Colour code each box according to their rooms, and label any fragile or especially heavy boxes so the moving company staff will know to stack the former on top and the latter at the bottom. To save you time looking for a specific trinket, snap a picture of the contents of each box before sealing it so you know where’s where; to go a step further, you can even print the picture and stick on the outside of the box itself.

After home renovation

Clean the house

We know you’re excited to move back into your abode, but you’ve got to make sure it’s nice and clean first. Set aside a day to scrub down the flat when it’s still empty, giving it a deep clean as renovation inevitably leaves a trail of dust and residue. Though you’d probably have to clean a bit more even after you move in with your boxes, at least you got the groundwork done.

Make a plan

It’s finally time to introduce your belongings to their new home! Move the boxes with the least essential items in first, and stack essentials on top of them for easier access when you unpack them first. Thank goodness you’ve colour-coded the boxes earlier (right?) so you can now move each box into their corresponding rooms from the get-go, and in an organised manner.


Now that you’ve put every box in its place, it’s time to carry out the final task of unpacking. The sheer amount of boxes can make unpacking seem more daunting than it actually is, so we suggest you to begin with smaller items that are easier to unpack. Feel free to put on music as you do so, but don’t get too comfortable and delay the unavoidable process. Give yourself a deadline, ask friends and family for help if you need it, and don’t worry about putting stuff exactly where you want them—perfectionism cripples, and you can always reorganise them later anyway.

Now, what if we told you there’s a service that can streamline the whole process? While you’d still have to pack and unpack by yourself as only you know your personal effects best, the professionals over at RedBox Storage will take care of your stuff for you so that you can rest easy. Even after you move in, if you realise you want more space without the pain of parting with your possessions, RedBox Storage can help!

Choose from storage units as small as nine square feet to ones as big as 500 square feet in any one of their five highly secure facilities around town. All units are also equipped with humidity and temperature control to protect your valuables. Each storage plan comes with insurance and is highly flexible to meet all of your needs.

With COVID-19 precautions in mind, customers can also book units online after an initial tour of the facilities, and continue to add value to their account online. Check out RedBox Storage’s options, and let the professionals deal with your clutter as you renovate your home, or even free up your home long-term!

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