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Vehicle Storage

There’s always plenty of parking space at RedBox. Whether you occasionally use your vehicle or if you have acquired more cars than car spots, we make storing your car or motorbike simple, secure and easily accessible.

Why should I use RedBox vehicle storage?

Showcase your collectables 

Adding another classic to your collection? Think of RedBox indoor vehicle storage as an extra garage where you can showcase your collection and share your passion with friends and fellow car lovers.

Firebox fireproofing

RedBox uses fireproof storage units - "Red Vault". Approved by the Hong Kong Fire Services Department, each FireBox is built with 30-minute fire-resistant walls and ceilings as well as steel doors that withstand temperatures up to 1000C. Individual heat detectors and alarms are connected to separate fire panels.

Temporary storage between adventures

For those with frequent travel, it’s important to protect your motorcycle from the elements and other road users. Curbside may not be the safest for prolonged periods of time. When you take a break from the road, a RedBox secured FireBox is the safest way to protect and maintain your bike.


All RedBox facilities are equipped with large cargo lifts for making storage of large items easy.

What makes RedBox vehicle storage safe and reliable?


All our facilities are monitored around the clock with CCTV cameras, door access controls and we are the only operator in Hong Kong to monitor access down to unit level.


Fire resilient FireBoxes come with individual temperature detectors. A separate fire panel sends alarm signals directly to the Hong Kong Fire Services Communication Centre.


RedBox is compliant with the latest regulatory body requirements and the first operator in Hong Kong to be accredited under the new S.A.F.E self storage standards launched by the Self Storage Association of Asia and vetted by Knight Frank.


Access your vehicles 7 days-a-week with ease.


In line with our standard storage policies for all units pertaining to dangerous goods, any motorbike stored indoors must have an empty fuel tank and battery removed for safety. This does not apply to car park spaces.

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