Living space is a challenge in Hong Kong. RedBox has space! We are here to make that easier for you.

Whether you are in the exciting phase of changes to your life or just don’t want to see your suitcase and sports equipment in the living room. Let us know what storage you need and we will make it easy for you.

季節性儲存 迷你倉 mini storage seasonal pink clothes


Many of our customers use our mini storage like an attic or extra room in the house to store things they only need occasionally such as winter clothes and decorations. Now you don’t need to hold back on your shopping sprees when you have that extra space in the comfort of your own home.

搬家和裝修 迷你倉 mini storage for renovation


If you are making changes to your home and looking for temporary storage for your belongings without climbing over furniture or worrying about paint spills, then renting a self storage unit with flexible rental plans is the best solution. Get in touch with us for your stress-free storage experience.

球具 興趣和愛好 迷你倉 mini storage for sports equipment


Do you have any bulky sports equipment or collectibles that need a space? Our conveniently placed storage units act as a garden shed or garage for you to store your bikes, snowboards and even cases of wine which you can have access to whenever you want.

旅遊 後車箱 迷你倉 mini storage for traveling gear


Planning an extended travel over summer or winter holidays but don’t want to keep your valuables unattended? Give yourself peace of mind knowing your goods are properly and safely stored in our secure and reliable storage facilities.


Changing the use of a space but don’t want to throw everything away? Don’t need that baby equipment for a while? Store it with us until you do need it again. RedBox storage service has flexible solutions and space for all your needs, so you only pay for what you need when you need it.


Whether you want to declutter to change a space, or want a minimalist look to your home or you just want more head space which involves decluttering, RedBox has space to help you without you needing to compromise your belongings.