RedBox Storage



1.    The Storer: 用戶:

(a)    has the right to store goods (Goods) in the storage unit allocated to the Storer by the Owner (the “Space”);


(b)    is deemed to have knowledge of the Goods;


(c)    warrants that it is the owner of the Goods, and/or is entitled at law to deal with them in accordance with all aspects of this Agreement;


(d)    If it is a corporation, warrants that it has permission to disclose any individual's personal data.


2.    The Owner (which includes any directors, employees or agents):


(a)    does not have and will not be deemed to have, knowledge of the Goods;


(b)    is not a bailee nor a warehouseman of the Goods and the Storer acknowledges that the Owner does not take possession of the Goods.


3.    The Owner grants the Storer a non-exclusive licence to store the Goods in the Space in accordance with this Agreement and the Storer acknowledges that the Storer does not have exclusive possession of the Space.


4.    The rights given to the Storer by this Agreement are contractual only and do not give the Storer any interest in the land. The Storer occupies the Space as licensee and such occupation does not in any way constitute nor may be deemed to constitute or imply a tenancy.



5.    The Storer must upon signing the Agreement pay to the Owner the Administrative (Cleaning and Fumigation) fee.


6.    The Storer is responsible to pay:


(a)    the Storage Fee being the amount indicated in this Agreement or the amount notified to the Storer in writing by the Owner from time to time. The Storage Fee is payable in advance and it is the Storer's responsibility to see that payment is made directly to the Owner, on time, in full, throughout the period of storage. The Owner does not normally bill for fees.


(b)    the Administrative (Cleaning and Fumigation) fee, as indicated on page one of this Agreement, is payable from time to time at the Owner's discretion.


(c)    a late payment fee, as indicated on page one of this Agreement, which becomes payable each time a payment is late


(d)    any costs incurred by the Owner in collecting late or unpaid Storage Fees, or in enforcing this Agreement in any way, including but not limited to postal, telephone, debt collection, and/or the default action costs.


(e)    a deposit, as indicated on page one of this Agreement, is payable on the date of this Agreement, and that such deposit shall be retained by the Owner free of any interest to the Storer with power for the Owner without prejudice to any other right or remedy hereunder to utilize or to deduct therefrom the amount of any of the Storage Fee, the Administrative (Cleaning and Fumigation) fee, a late payment fee, any costs incurred by the Owner in collecting late or unpaid Storage Fees, or in enforcing this Agreement in any way, or other money payables hereunder which is in arrears or any loss or damage sustained by the Owner as the result of any non-observance or non-performance by the Storer of any such agreement stipulation or condition. In the event of any deduction being made by the Owner from the deposit in accordance herewith the Storer shall on demand by the Owner forthwith further deposit the amount so deducted and failure by the Storer so to do shall entitle the Owners forthwith to determine this Agreement. Subject as aforesaid the said deposit shall be refunded to the Storer by the Owner without interest within [fourteen (14)] days after the expiration or sooner determination of the Agreement and delivery of vacant possession of the Space to the Owner or after settlement of the last outstanding claim by the Owner against the Storer for any arrears of storage fee and other charges and for any breach of non-observance or non-performance of any of the provisions, terms and conditions herein contained and on the part of the Storer to be observed or performed whichever shall be the later.


7.    The Storer will be responsible for payment of any government taxes or charges (including any goods and services tax) being levied on this Agreement, or any supplies pursuant to this Agreement.



8.    The size of the Space stated in this Agreement is calculated by multiplying the width and depth of the Space (the “Calculation”). The data relating to such width and depth used for the Calculation have been obtained from plans prepared and provided to the Owner by the Owner’s consultant, which such plans have been submitted to the Fire Services Department for seeking relevant regulatory approval in respect of the relevant self-storage facility to which the Space forms part of. In the Calculation, the full thickness of the Space’s enclosing walls, and any door and door frame are included. All common areas such as stairs, lift shafts, lobbies and toilets are excluded. Dimensions of the Space used for the Calculation may deviate from its actual dimensions; and the Space is licenced on an “as-is” basis.


9.    The Storer acknowledges and confirms that prior to its entering into this Agreement, it has had the opportunity to inspect and measure the Space and has satisfied itself as to the size and suitability of the Space for its intended purposes. The Storer further acknowledges that the size of the Space stated herein is for reference only and agrees that the Storage Fee shall be due and payable regardless of the actual size of the Space. The Storer agrees that the Owner makes no representation or warranty as to the actual size of the Space and expressly excludes liability for any such inaccuracies or errors to the fullest extent permitted by law. In the event of dispute, the calculation method of the Owner used for the Calculation, including without limitation, the Owner’s method in obtaining the data of the width and depth of the Space, shall be absolute and conclusive.



10.    Notwithstanding clause 22, the Storer acknowledges that, in the event of the Storage Fee, or any other moneys owing under this Agreement, not being paid in full within 42 days of the due date, the Owner may, without further notice, enter the Space by force or otherwise and sell or dispose of any Goods in such manner (including without limitation, by auction) and on such terms that the Owner may determine. The Storer may also be required to pay and indemnify the Owner in respect of costs of taking any default action, including any costs and expenses associated with accessing the Storer's Space and disposal or sale of the Storer's Goods, or in respect of claims by third parties in respect of the Goods, and legal costs on an indemnity basis. Any excess moneys recovered by the Owner on disposal will be returned to the Storer.



11.    The Storer: 用戶

(a)    has the right to access the Space during Access Hours as posted by the Owner;


(b)    will be solely responsible for the securing of the Space and shall so secure the Space at all times when the Storer is not in the Space in a manner which is acceptable to the Owner, and where applicable will secure the external gates or doors of the Space;


(c)    must not store any Goods that are hazardous, illegal, stolen, inflammable, explosive, environmentally harmful, perishable or that are a risk to the property of any person;


(d)    unless specifically covered by insurance the Storer must not store items which are irreplaceable, such as currency, jewellery, furs, deeds, personal data, paintings, curios, works of art and items of personal or sentimental value;


(e)    will use the Space solely for the purpose of storage and shall not carry on any business or other activity in the Space;


(f)    must not attach nails, screws etc to any part of the Space and must keep the Space clean and in a state of good repair and must not damage or alter the Space; in the event of uncleanliness of or damage to the Space or facility the Owner will be entitled to charge a cleaning or fumigation fee, and/or full reimbursement from the Storer of all the costs of the repairs required. The Storer must not connect or use power within their Space without the express permission of the Owner.


(g)    must give Notice to the Owner in writing of the change of address of the Storer or the Alternate Contact Person within 48 hours of any change;


(h)    grants the Owner entitlement to discuss any default by the Storer with the Alternate Contact Person registered on page one of this Agreement.


12.    The Owner may refuse access to the Space by the Storer where moneys are owing by the Storer to the Owner, whether or not a formal demand for payment of such moneys has been made.


13.    The Owner reserves the right to relocate the Storer to another Space in accordance with clause 28.

擁有人保留根據第 28 條將用戶分配到另一個空間的權利。

14.    No oral statement made by the Owner or its employees shall form part of or amend this Agreement, and no failure or delay by the Owner to exercise its rights under this Agreement will operate to waive those rights.



15.    The Goods are stored at the sole risk and responsibility of the Storer who shall be responsible for any theft, damage to, and deterioration of the Goods, and shall bear the risk of any damage caused by flood or fire or leakage or overflow of water, mildew, heat, spillage of material from any other space, removal or delivery of the Goods, pest or vermin or any other reason whatsoever including acts or omissions, negligent deliberate or otherwise, of the Owner or persons under its control. The Storer agrees and acknowledges that the Owner shall not be liable in any circumstances for any loss or damage to the Goods.


16.    The Storer agrees to indemnify and keep indemnified the Owner from all claims for any loss of or damage to the property of, or personal injury to, third parties resulting from or incidental to the use of the Space by the Storer, including the storage of Goods.


17.    The Storer acknowledges and agrees to comply with all relevant laws, including Acts and Ordinances, Regulations, By-laws, and Orders, as are or may be applicable to the use of the Space. This includes laws relating to the material which is stored, and the manner in which it is stored. The liability for any and all breach of such laws rests absolutely with the Storer, and includes any and all costs resulting from such a breach.


18.    If the Owner has reason to believe that the Storer is not complying with all relevant laws or this Agreement the Owner may take any action the Owner believes to be necessary, including the action outlined in clauses 20 and 21 contacting, cooperating with or submitting Goods to the relevant authorities, and/or immediately disposing of or removing the Goods at the Storer's expense. The Storer agrees that the Owner may take such action at any time even though the Owner could have acted earlier.


19.    If there is more than one Storer in one Space, the obligations imposed by this Agreement are imposed on each of them jointly and separately.



20.    Subject to clause 18 the Storer consents to inspection and entry of the Space by the Owner provided that the Owner gives 1 day prior notification.

受第18條約束,用戶同意擁有人檢查和進入該空間,前提是擁有人提前 1 天通知。

21.    In the event of an emergency, that is where property, the environment or human life is, in the opinion of the Owner, threatened, the Owner may enter the Space using all necessary force without the written consent of the Storer, but the Owner shall notify the Storer as soon as practicable. The Storer consents to such entry.



22.    Notices will usually be given in writing and be given by email, SMS or otherwise electronically to the Storer. In relation to the giving of notices to the Owner, notices shall be given by email to to be valid. In the event of not being able to contact the Storer, notice is deemed to have been given to the Storer by the Owner if the Owner serves that notice on the Alternate Contact person as identified on page one of this Agreement, or has sent notices to the last notified address of the Storer or Alternate Contact Person. In the event that there is more than one Storer in one Space, notice to or by any one of them is agreed to be sufficient for the purposes of any notice requirement under this Agreement.


23.    The Owner may vary, update or amend these Conditions of Agreement from time to time on giving the Storer at least 3 days' notice in writing (including any notice given by email, SMS or otherwise electronically). The Storer's continued use of the Space after the expiration of the notice period will constitute the Storer's acceptance of the variation. If the Storer does not accept the variation, the Storer may, within 7 days of being notified of the variation by the Owner, terminate the Agreement by giving 1-month written notice to the Owner and during the 1-month period, the existing Conditions of Agreement shall apply. 擁有人可不時更改、更新或修改這些協議條件,但需至少提前3天書面通知用戶(包括任何以電郵,短訊或其他電子方式發出的通知)。通知期屆滿後,用戶繼續使用該空間將構成用戶接受變更。如果用戶不接受變更,則用戶可以在收到擁有人的變更通知後7天內向擁有人發出 1 個月的書面通知終止本協議,而在此1 個月的期限內, 現有協議條件適用。


24.    Once the initial fixed period of storage has ended, either party may terminate this Agreement by giving the other party notice as indicated on page one of this Agreement. In the event of illegal or environmentally harmful activities on the part of the Storer the Owner may terminate the Agreement without notice. The Owner is entitled to retain a portion of the Storage Fee if less than the requisite notice is given by the Storer. Upon termination the Storer must remove at its own cost all Goods and leave the Space in a clean condition and in a good state of repair to the satisfaction of the Owner on the date specified. The Storer must pay any outstanding sum and any expenses on default or other monies owed to the Owner up to the date of termination, or clause 10 may apply. Any calculation of the outstanding fees will be by the Owner and such calculation will be final. If the Owner enters the Space for any reason and there are no Goods stored therein, the Owner may terminate the Agreement without giving prior notice, but the Owner will send notice to the Storer in writing within 7 days.


25.    The commencement date of the initial fixed period of storage must be a date within 7 days from the date of this Agreement (the Cooling Off Period). During the Cooling Off Period, provided that the Storer has not accessed the Space and stored Goods therein, the Storer may elect to terminate this Agreement by giving written notice of his intention to the Owner (the Cooling Off Period Termination Notice), and this Agreement shall be terminated immediately and both the Owner and the Storer shall have no further obligations towards each other, including that the Owner shall be entitled to offer and grant a licence of use of the Space to another customer, and that the Owner shall refund to the Storer any deposit paid by the Storer to the Owner as indicated on page one of this Agreement free of interest within [30] days from the date of the Cooling Off Period Termination Notice.

初始固定租期的開始日期必須是自本協議日期起 7 天內的日期(「冷靜期」)。在冷靜期期間,如果用戶未進入該空間並在其中存放貨品,用戶可選擇以書面形式通知擁有人,終止本協議(「冷靜期終止通知」),本協議應告立即終止,擁有人及用戶彼此之間不再承擔任何義務,包括擁有人有權向其他客戶提供並授予該空間使用許可,擁有人應在冷靜期終止通知日期起 [30] 天內免費退還用戶支付擁有人的任何按金,如本協議第1頁所示。

26.    The Storer's liability for outstanding moneys, property damage, personal injury, environmental damage and legal responsibility under this Agreement continues to run beyond the termination of this Agreement.



27.    The Storer: 用戶:

(a)    agrees that the terms of this document constitute the whole contract with the Owner and that, in entering this contract, the Storer relies upon no representations other than those contained in this Agreement.


(b)    acknowledges that it has raised all queries relevant to its decision to enter this Agreement with the Owner and that the Owner has, prior to the Storer entering into this Agreement, answered all such queries to the satisfaction of the Storer. The Storer acknowledges that any matters resulting from such queries have, to the extent required by the Storer and agreed to by the Owner, been reduced to writing and incorporated into the terms of this Agreement.


28.    (a)    Any damages, whether for physical or economic loss, which the Owner is liable to pay to the Storer pursuant to this Agreement or performance of this Agreement (including damages for negligence or damages for consequential loss) are limited in all cases to:


i.    the further supply of storage equivalent to that undertaken by the Owner as set out in the terms and conditions of this Agreement; or


ii.    the payment of the cost for further storage equivalent to that undertaken by the Owner under the terms and conditions of this Agreement.


(b)    The Storer specifically agrees and acknowledges that it is aware of the limitation of liability set out in clause 27(a) above and that, in all the circumstances, and taking into account the negotiations between the parties and their relationship, such limitation on the Owner's liability is a reasonable one.

用戶明確同意並承認其了解上文第 27(a) 條所述的責任限額,在所有情況下,考慮到雙方之間的談判及關係,對擁有人責任的這種限制是合理的。


29.    (a)    The Storer may not dispose of or deal with this Agreement.


(b)    The Owner may dispose of or deal with this Agreement.


(c)    If the Owner assigns its interest in this Agreement:


i.    the Owner is released from any obligation under this Agreement arising after the assignment; and


ii.    if asked by the Owner, the Storer agrees to sign a contract under which:


(A)    the Storer agrees with the assignee to comply with this Agreement as if the assignee was the Owner; and


(B)    the assignee assumes the Owner's obligations under this Agreement arising after the assignment.



30.    The Owner may whenever it sees fit:


(a)    by notice to the Storer, allocate a particular space (other than the Space) for the Storer to store the Goods and from time to time change that space;


(b)    by notice to the Storer, alter the Access Hours;


(c)    make rules in connection with the Space and the building; and


(d)    if the Owner decides there is an emergency, stop the Storer from entering the Space or the building.



31.    Each of the Storer and the Owner (in this clause 30, each a Party and collectively the Parties) agrees and consents that the electronic signatures, whether digital or encrypted, of the Parties, contained in this Agreement, and/or in documents incidental to this Agreement, and/or in any subsequent document varying the terms and conditions of this Agreement, are intended to authenticate this Agreement, and/or documents incidental to this Agreement, and/or any subsequent document varying the terms and conditions of this Agreement (as the case may be), and to have the same force and effect as manual signatures. Delivery of a copy of this Agreement, and/or documents incidental to this Agreement, and/or any subsequent document varying the terms and conditions of this Agreement (as the case may be) bearing an original or electronic signature by facsimile transmission, by electronic mail in portable document format (.pdf) form or DocuSign form, or by any other electronic means intended to preserve the original graphic and pictorial appearance of a document, will have the same effect as physical delivery of the paper document bearing an original or electronic signature.

用戶及擁有人(在本第 30 條中單稱「一方」、合稱「雙方」)均同意,在本協議中、以及/或在本協議附帶的文件中、以及/或在變更本協議條款和條件的任何後續文件中所包含的雙方電子簽名(無論是數位還是加密)旨在認證本協議、及/或本協議附帶的文件、及/或變更本協議條款和條件的任何後續文件(視情況而定),具有與手動簽名同等效力及效果。透過傳真、電郵(以便攜式文檔格式(.pdf)格式或 DocuSign 格式)、或任何其他旨在保留文檔的原始圖形和圖片外觀的電子方式交付帶有原始或電子簽名的本協議、及/或本協議附帶的文件、及/或變更本協議條款和條件的任何後續文件(視情況而定)的副本,與實際交付帶有原始或電子簽名的書面文件具有同等效力。


32.    This Agreement may be executed in any number of counterparts and by the Storer and the Owner on separate counterparts and each such counterpart shall constitute an original of this Agreement but all of which shall together constitute one and the same instrument. This Agreement shall not be effective until each of the Storer and the Owner has executed at least one counterpart.



33.    This document has been translated into the Chinese language but in the event of any conflict overseeing between the English and Chinese version, the English version shall prevail.



  1. Personal Data Collection: 個人資料收集
    This privacy policy discloses how RedBox Storage Limited (“we” or “us”) collects, stores and handles the personal data (“Data”) of its customers and visitors to our website (“you”). The information collected from you will be used to allow us to carry out our business, managing your account with us and marketing our products and services to you. The purpose of our collection of personal information is set out below and we aim to process and hold such information on the basis of the guidelines and principles set out in this privacy policy statement.
    本私隱政策披露紅盒迷你倉有限公司(「紅盒迷你倉」或「我們」)如何收集、儲存及處理客戶以及瀏覽我們的網站的訪客(「您」)的個人資料(「資料」)。 我們向您收集的個人資料將用於開展業務、管理您的帳戶以及向您推銷我們的產品和服務。 下文說明了我們收集個人資料的目的。我們致力根據本私隱政策聲明的指引及原則,處理並持有上述個人資料。
  2. The Data We Collect: 我們收集的資料
    We will only collect Data relevant to our business relationship with you. The Data we collect will include your contact details such as name, address, telephone number and email address, information about your use of our products and financial information such as credit card or bank account details.
    我們只會收集有關雙方業務關係的資料。 我們收集的資料,包括您的聯絡資料,例如姓名、地址、電話號碼及電郵地址,有關您使用我們的產品的資料及財務資料(例如信用卡或銀行戶口詳情)。
  3. How we use your personal data: 您的個人資料的用途
    We will limit the use of your personal data to: 我們只會把您的個人資料用於以下用途:
    • Carrying out our business which includes account management, exercising our rights and obligations under this Agreement and for our product research and analysis; 開展我們的業務,包括進行帳戶管理、行使及履行我們根據本協議擁有的權利和義務,以及進行產品研究和分析;
    • Fulfilling our legal requirements (for example, disclosure to law enforcement agencies or the courts); and 履行我們的法律要求(例如向執法機構或法院作出披露);及
    • Marketing our products and services to you. However, you can write to us at any time if you do not wish to receive these offers. (See - How to Access and Correct Data below). 向您推銷我們的產品和服務。如果您不希望收到這些推廣資訊,您可以隨時透過書面方式通知我們。(見下文「查閱及更正資料的方式」部分)
  4. Transfer and Disclosure of Data 傳送及披露資料
    We may disclose and transfer Data to our subsidiaries and associated companies in connection with the services provided or to be provided to you and/or to inform you about our company’s news, information and/or promotions regarding our products or services. We may disclose Data to any other person under a duty of confidentiality to us, including to potential investors. In the event of a breach of your agreement with us, we may also disclose and transfer Data to debt collection agencies or other types of agencies or tribunals in order to enforce our rights under such agreement. We may also be required to disclose Data by law or court order or as requested by government or law enforcement authorities or administrative organs. The Data may also be sourced from or transferred to jurisdictions outside the Hong Kong SAR in accordance with the principles set out in this Privacy Policy Statement. Otherwise, your Data will be kept confidential and shall not be disclosed or transferred to other parties.
    我們可能會就已經或將會向您提供的服務,向我們的附屬公司及相聯公司披露及傳送資料,及/或告知您關於本公司的產品或服務的消息、資料及/或優惠資訊。 我們可能會向那些對我們有保密義務的任何其他人士(包括準投資者)披露資料。 如果您違反與我們訂立的協議,我們也可能會向收債代理或其他類型的代理或審裁處披露和傳送資料,以便行使我們在本協議下的權利。 此外,我們或須按照法律或法院命令或應政府或執法機關或行政機構的要求披露資料。我們亦可能會根據本私隱政策聲明的原則,從香港特別行政區以外的司法管轄區取得資料或將資料傳送至香港特別行政區以外的司法管轄區。除此以外,我們會將資料保密,確保不會向其他人士披露或傳送資料。
  5. How to Access and Correct Data 查閱及更正資料的方式
    You may request access to your Data and/or request corrections to your Data at any time by contacting our Privacy Officer by email at or by post to: The Privacy Officer, RedBox Storage Ltd, 4/F,
    Shatin Industrial Centre Block A, 5-7 Yuen Shun Circuit, Sha Tin, New Territories, Hong Kong.
  6. This Policy 本政策
    This Policy may be amended from time to time and the latest version can be accessed at In the event of any inconsistency between the Chinese and the English version, the English version shall prevail.
    我們將會不時修訂本政策,您可於 瀏覽本政策的最新版本。中英文版本如有歧異,概以英文版本為準。


  1. According to Dangerous Goods Ordinance Section 6: ‘Except under and in accordance with a license granted under this Ordinance, no person shall manufacture, store, convey or use any dangerous goods.’
    根據<<危險品條例>>第6條前訂明: 「除並按照本條例批給的牌照外,任何人不得製造、貯存、運送或使用任何危險品。」故此以下所有種類的易燃品及爆炸品嚴禁放在倉內:
    1. Category 1: Explosive and blasting agents / 爆炸品及爆破劑
    2. Category 2:Compressed gases / 壓縮氣體
    3. Category 3:Corrosive substances / 腐蝕性物質
    4. Category 4:Poisonous substances / 有毒物質
    5. Category 5:Substances giving off inflammable vapour / 發出易著火蒸氣的物質
    6. Category 6:Substances which become dangerous by interaction with water / 與水相互影響會變為危險的物質
    7. Category 7:Strong supporters of combustion / 強力助燃劑
    8. Category 8:Readily combustible substances / 隨時可能燃燒的物質
    9. Category 9: Substances liable to spontaneous combustion / 可自燃的物質
    10. Category 9A: Combustible goods / 可能燃燒物品
    11. Category 10: Other dangerous substances including refrigerants / 其他危險物質,包括製冷劑﹙俗稱雪種﹚
  2. Our Company provides 24 hours CCTV surveillance to monitor the safe environment of the facility. Our staff will patrol the facility frequently and inspect the storage cubicles with a wide-angle lens to ensure no dangerous goods are stored in the facility, if any were found, our staff will demand the customer to remove the dangerous items from the facility. If customers ignore our demands, our company will terminate the contract with the customer in writing with immediate effect in order to maintain a safe environment of the facility.
    本公司設有CCTV 24小時錄影客人進出入情況,如發現客人帶有任何危險品或違規物品,職員會通知客人切勿儲存倉內。職員亦會加強巡倉,用廣角鏡頭檢查客人有否存放危險品或違規物品。如有發現危險品,職員會作出勸籲要求客人即時搬走,若客人不理會,本公司會通知消防署等執法部門,以及發出終止協議信給客人終止雙方的協議,以保障其他客人存放的物品安全。
  3. I/My company declare that no items as stated in section 1 will be stored in the facility. We fully understand any violations will result in legal, contractual or civil responsibilities and the facility reserves the rights to terminate the contract, withhold the deposit or pre-payment and pursue any legal actions. Law enforcement actions may also be taken by the relevant government departments.

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