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條款及細則: 1.此優惠不適用於現有客戶。2. 客戶需要與紅盒迷你倉荃灣店或屯門店簽訂至少份1個月新合約以享受一個月免倉租及八折優惠。3.此優惠不可與其他推廣優惠同時使用。4.其他條款和條件適用。請向我們的員工了解更多詳情。5.優惠有效期至2020年3月31日。6.所有事宜和爭議將由紅盒迷你倉做出最終決定。


條款及細則: 1.此優惠不適用於現有客戶。2.客戶需要與紅盒迷你倉柴灣店或油塘店簽訂至少1個月新合約以享受八折優惠。3.此優惠不可與其他推廣優惠同時使用。4.其他條款和條件適用。請向我們的員工了解更多詳情。5.優惠有效期至2020年3月31日。6.所有事宜和爭議將由紅盒迷你倉做出最終決定。  

(English) We could always do with a bit more space at home.

(Only English is available) Declutter and free up space with convenient self-storage solutions It’s the awful truth, but Hong Kong’s housing is one of the city’s major and most pressing problems. A lethal combination of stringent government regulations on land development, low-interest rates, and currency stability means housing demand is always on the rise. Rents consistently rank among the most expensive in the world; for the ninth year in a row, Hong Kong’s property market is rated the world’s most unaffordable by

紅盒迷你倉 -「2019年度最佳自助儲存服務」

紅盒迷你倉很榮幸被“ Square Foot”邀請頒發“家庭生活方式品牌”並獲得2019年度最佳自助儲存服務”的獎項。 該獎項表彰香港及大中華地區房地產和房地產行業中“最佳之選”。功勞歸功於紅盒迷你倉營運團隊在該方面的認可,我們期待在未來幾年內保持高水準的客戶服務給大家。繼續閱讀


Winter. It’s the season for so many fun things: Christmas, entertaining, snow holidays, big jackets, Chinese New Year … ah, the list goes on and on. With all that fun comes a lot of gear. For most of us, storing snowboards, skis, snow equipment and the like is simply not possible in our limited Hong Kong flats. We’re hard-pressed to find the storage space to suitably stock Christmas and Chinese New Year decorations, let alone bulky sports gear! So, how do other