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【Hong Kong Book Fair】Organizing Your Home Library Before Buying New Books

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

【Hong Kong Book Fair】Organizing Your Home Library Before Buying New Books

Are you buying more books than you can read? Books are great, but what makes the reading process greater is figuring out an efficient system for organizing messy piles of books before they overwhelm your study room! Book storage not only helps you sort books precisely but also frees up living space; in some cases, introducing a custom-made bookcase can elevate the home design. Read on to explore 4 fantastic storage ideas to refresh your home library, especially when the Hong Kong Book Fair is coming in mid-July; it's time to declutter and leave more room for new books!

4 Tips for Organizing Your Home Library & Study Room

1. Re-evaluate Your Book Collections

As a book lover, your literary treasures always outgrow your shelves and may eventually accumulate in disorderly piles. You have to declutter them to leave space for new books. Whether you have been collecting books for a lifetime or just started designing a home library, make an inventory of what is currently in your treasured volumes before deciding if you should sell, donate, toss, or store them.

If your books hold sentimental value or other special reasons for being kept, then let them stay. However, if they are books that you doubt you will ever re-read or that you have not touched in a year or two, simply declutter them. Moreover, trend books, career books, and tech books often have a limited shelf life since their content may not keep up with the current industry developments and are normally replaced with newer editions from time to time. Hence, you can consider re-organizing these stacks to leave more storage space for the latest books from the Hong Kong Book Fair.

2. Place Books Where You Use Them

Who says books must be confined to study rooms only? With multifunctional bookshelves, you can easily place books in areas where they are most likely to be used. For instance, recipe and culinary books can be stored on a small shelf in the kitchen or dining area; magazines and leisure reading materials can be placed on a storage rack next to the sofa, allowing families and guests to flip through them to while away the time; even the bathroom can have an exclusive bookshelf to embrace your love for books!

As for the largest bookshelf, people usually place it in the living room rather than the study room to promote a sense of space. Next time when you are organizing your home library, spread them throughout your home to boost storage space and functionality.

Book Shelves on wall

3. Maximize Vertical Space

 You cannot go outwards to expand your storage area, but you can go upwards to maximize every inch of vertical space. Classic floor-to-ceiling bookcases house numerous books and turn your home into a better space to live. Some are even designed with a built-in ladder that makes everything easy to access.

Another way to display books in a way similar to bookcases is by using shelves – especially if your walls are bare and you do not want to invest in another bookcase. Visually, they imbue your study room or living room with impressive openness and flow. You can also customize their dimensions to fit your available space and unique styles. However, note that shelves do not have the same weight-bearing capacity as bookcases, so be careful when organizing heavy books to prevent accidents.

4. Categorize Books into Sections

By Book Height

Novels, magazines, and reference books come in different sizes. Arrange them from tallest to shortest on shelves to create a streamlined look, such that books of similar sizes are grouped together. Alternatively, you can opt for a central concave or protruding shape in organizing the bookshelves of your home library.

By Color

If your living space looks monotonous with mostly minimalist white walls, you can introduce some warm tones using decor like bookshelves. Pick books with similar spine colors and organize them on the bookshelves. Try to arrange them in a rainbow color scheme to incorporate a pop of colors into your home.

Packing books to storage

Free up Book Space With RedBox Storage

Of course, the quickest way to downsize your book collection in your home library is to move them out to a self-storage unit! As the largest storage facility in Hong Kong, RedBox Storage offers an extensive range of services, such as smart self-storage and business storage, to help families and companies to stay clutter-free. Our fireproof units offer a stable storage environment for all your books and paperwork, keeping them in a safe, enclosed space while saving more room for you to get new books at the Hong Kong Book Fair! Feel free to request online availability and schedule a visit with us today.


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