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Door-To-Door Storage

Suddenly lacking in storage space? RedBox Mini Storage can make room for you right away within short notice. Our Door-to-Door storage solution is a fast, simple and secure way to store your valuables at a moment’s notice. Store with us for as short as one month. It’s a flexible way to free yourself from temporary needs.

What are the benefits of RedBox Door-to-Door storage?


Closet suddenly too full with this season’s fashion? Instantly declutter with RedBox Wardrobe Boxes. They come with a durable hanging bar and are the easy, wrinkle-free solution to temporarily relocating bulky items like formal attire and thick coats - door-to-door delivery and storage services are arrangeable. Think of it as your transferable and external closet!


Taking a break from your adventures or perhaps it's off-season for your favourite sport? Quickly store your travel gear and equipment along with your bulky suitcases. RedBox's Door-To-Door (D2D) storage service allows you to find additional storage space within a short time with a flexible rental period - ideal for seasonal and temporary storage.


We don’t charge for storage space that you don't need. Whether you store one box or twenty door-to-door, you only pay for exactly what you use. No minimum space fees apply.


Not sure how long you need to store? RedBox Door-to-Door storage is contract-free. No need to tell us your storage period in advance, simply store with us for one month and extend if and when you need.

What makes RedBox Door-to-door Storage your safe and reliable choice?

Our facilities are second-to-none. You can sleep well knowing your valuables are in our expert hands. Here are just a few of the steps we take to keep your valuables safe:


All RedBox storage facilities are equipped with alarms and the necessary fire suppression equipment.


RedBox is compliant with the latest regulatory body requirements and is the first operator in Hong Kong to be accredited under the new S.A.F.E self-storage standards launched by the Self Storage Association of Asia and vetted by Knight Frank.


Temperature and humidity are kept constant to protect your valuables.


All our facilities are monitored around the clock with CCTV cameras, door access controls and we are the only operator in Hong Kong to monitor access down to unit level.


Each container is automatically insured for up to HK$1,000


Manage your items online, anytime. Upload photos and descriptions for your boxes, order pick-up and deliveries when it suits you.

How does RedBox Door-to-Door storage work?

1. Get Started

Click on ‘Get Started’ on our website and select the type of storage you need help with, everything from bulky items to designated boxes or containers. Our RedBox solid plastic containers measure 60L x 40W x 31.5H (cm). Got something irregular you’d like to store? Just contact our Customer Service Team and we’ll be happy to give you an instant quote.

2. Order the exact number and type of items

Enjoy one-stop Door-to-door storage services provided by RedBox. Simply order the exact number and type of items you need to store, and all boxes or containers will be delivered straight to your door ready for you to pack.

3. Track everything with photos

Itemize, identify and photograph your valuables as you pack them. That way you can keep track of your door-to-door storage items with photos and a description in our online portal.

4. Retrieve your stored items at any time

We return your belongings whenever you’re ready. You can arrange everything through the RedBox website.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions that aren’t covered in the above paragraphs, please contact or call +852 2769 3599.



How does RedBox Storage - Door-To-Door service work?

RedBox Storage - Door-To-Door storage service is the easiest way to simplify and declutter your life, with stress-free storage and access at the touch of a button. With our one-stop, door-to-door mini storage solution, you never need to visit the warehouse. We collect from and deliver to your doorsteps so you can get on with other daily adventures. You can simply log in to your Redbox account and let us know how many containers you need. We’ll deliver custom plastic containers to your door in under 24 hours for you to pack your belongings. For every container, you can add a title, description and photos right within our app so you have a photo inventory of your belongings at any time. When you are done packing, let us know and we’ll collect the full containers and put them in our temperature and humidity-controlled warehouses with 24hr security. Anytime you need something back, simply log in, select the items you want back and let us know when and where you want them delivered.

Where are my belongings stored?

We store all items in air-conditioned, temperature and humidity-controlled warehousing with 24-hour security and closed-circuit television. Redbox Storage - Door-to-Door service takes all the hassle out of self-storage facilities by providing pick-ups and deliveries of all your belongings at the touch of a button so there is no need to leave your home or office. In order to ensure that all our client’s belongings are safe and secure, it is not accessible to the public.

What are your operation hours?

RedBox Storage – Door-To-Door service collections and deliveries are available between 09:00 to 17:00, Monday to Saturday. For deliveries outside of these periods, please contact us at the Door-To-Door hotline +852 2769 3599 as there may be extra charges required.  Our hotline service hours are 10:00 to 19:00 on weekdays and 10:00 to 17:00 on weekends and public holidays. We will be offering even more flexible delivery and pickup windows for Door-To-Door (D2D) storage soon – stay tuned!

How can I see my belongings online?

Simply log in to your RedBox account and you will be able to access the details for all items you have in storage or with you along with any photos and descriptions that you have provided. TIP: Save [] to your favourites or if you are on a smartphone, you can even save it to your home screen for quick access with only one click.

Do you have a RedBox Storage mobile app?

You can always access the belongings in your account by logging in at []. To make things even simpler, you can save the page to your smartphone’s home screen for quick access with only one click. We’ll be launching specific iOS and Android apps shortly.


What is a RedBox container?

Our door-to-door mini storage service comes with boxes and packing materials. RedBox containers are made from strong plastic designed specifically to safely store your stuff. They are waterproof and have tamper-evident security seals to ensure that your belongings are always kept sealed and safe until you decide to open the container again. For your reference, the dimensions in centimetres are 60L x 40W x 31.5H(cm).

What can I store in a RedBox container?

Our door-to-door mini storage solution accepts pretty much anything you need to be stored with the obvious exceptions being anything perishable, liquids, any illegal substances, explosives, flammable materials, hazardous materials or very fragile or high-value items. You are responsible for packing your belongings and ensuring that items are safely wrapped in bubble wrap or packaging paper as necessary. All items should be carefully packed so that they can be safely transported and stored.

How do I know how many containers I need?

Each RedBox container measures 60L x 40W x 31.5H (cm). We have provided examples on our website of what could be stored in a container for your reference. We can provide extra containers for you and we will collect any empty ones along with the full ones. Don’t worry, you will only ever be charged for containers that you actually use when it comes to our door-to-door mini storage solution. If you have packed your containers and still need more, just give us a call or order online and we’ll send you more empty containers to store your items.

Is there a weight limit?

From a health and safety perspective, it is important that each RedBox container or any other item does not weigh more than 20kg. Our employees move many containers every day and this is an important consideration for them. If you have heavy items such as books, please separate them into multiple containers If a container is too heavy when we come to collect it, we may ask that the items be split into separate containers. Goods exceeding the 20kg limit per individual box or item may, at our discretion, be charged as two or more items depending on the total weight of the box or item.

How do I securely close my RedBox container?

Ensure everything is well packaged with no items overflowing outside the container. The two parts of the lid should interlock and then you can add two RedBox tamper-evident security locks into the rectangular hole in the centre at either end of the container.

How long can I keep the empty containers for before they are picked up?

For the Door-To-Door (D2D) storage service, please schedule a collection of your filled containers within 1 week from the date that the containers were delivered to you. Once the 1 week period has passed we will need to charge you as if the containers were in storage. We can also wait for up to 15 minutes while you pack your stuff. Anything over 15 minutes will be charged at HK$50 per 30 minutes.

Will you open my containers?

No. You pack and seal each container with our tamper-evident seals and we won’t open them. However, in the rare case that we suspect that there is something dangerous, illegal or smelly inside, or if required by the authorities we may need to open the container. In such cases, we will do our best to contact you beforehand.

Can I use my own boxes to store my belongings?

Assuming that the box size is similar to that of our containers and does not weigh more than 20kg, you may store your own boxes. Please note that all boxes must be in good condition and well packed and sealed in order to ensure items are safe. We hold the right to refuse to store any boxes if we are not comfortable with the quality of the box or its dimensions. Storage of goods not packed in RedBox containers is stored at your own risk. If you have large boxes you wish to store, please contact us first.

Can I store items that don’t fit into a RedBox container?

Aside from storing containers, we can also store other items as long as they are of a reasonable size that one person can carry. Examples include sporting equipment (bicycles, golf clubs, snowboards, skis, wakeboards, etc.), luggage, small furniture, small appliances, etc. Our usual weight restriction of max 20kg per item will apply for any items stored. Please contact us for a quote. If you have any doubts or would like to store something not listed here, please just give us a call to see if we can help.


How do I arrange a collection of my door-to-door storage items?

It is easy to arrange door-to-door storage services. Just log in to your RedBox account and select the containers in the ‘Belongings with you’ section and click on ‘schedule collection’.

What’s your coverage area?

Our door-to-door storage service is currently available for Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, New Territories, Ma Wan (Park Island), Tung Chung and Discovery Bay. Please contact us for any exceptions or if you have any questions.

How long in advance do I need to book?

Bookings for door-to-door storage must be made before 3 PM for next working day appointments and they are subject to availability. Please contact our team for same-day urgent appointments. An Urgent Delivery or Collection fee of HK$500 will apply.

Could your driver collect/deliver my items upstairs if no elevator is available at my building?

We try to offer as much convenience as possible. Our drivers have a very busy schedule of deliveries and collections every day. We, therefore, ask for door-to-door storage items to be ready on the ground floor if there is no elevator available. If required, we can collect from your floor. There is a surcharge of HK$20 per box or item per floor. The 1st-5th steps of stairs will be free of charge, the 6th-15th step of stairs will be defined as the 1st level. The 16th-30th steps of stairs will be counted as the 2nd level, and so on.

How do I get my belongings back?

Simple. Just log in to your RedBox account and check out “Your belongings in storage”. Select any items that you want to be returned and click on “schedule delivery”. Please note that HK$200 empty box collection fee will apply for every 8 items if further storage is not required.

Can I get my belongings delivered to a different address?

Absolutely. Just enter the address you need the items sent back to and we’ll deliver them there. If you want the door-to-door storage items to be delivered to another person, please enter their information. For the delivery, make sure they have a photo ID on them so that we can ensure that your belongings are being delivered to the correct person.

Can RedBox help me move?

We’d be happy to help. The prices will follow our usual pricing. You can store your items with us until your new place is ready or we can arrange to deliver them to your new apartment the same day. Oversized items can be handled as long as they are easily carried by one person. For other items, we’ll try our best to help but you’ll need to give us a call first so we can discuss your exact requirements.


How and when do I pay for storage and deliveries?

We have fully automated billing integrated into our system, which means you don’t need to worry about paying an invoice manually every month for door-to-door storage services. You will be required to enter your credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Union Pay) details from your RedBox account prior to placing an order with us. We will then bill you monthly for all storage and service charges. We work with STRIPE to process all payments and your credit card details are stored securely with them. Business users that require invoices to be issued and would like to pay by bank transfer or cheque, please contact us.

What other fees should I be aware of?

For Door-To-Door (D2D) storage, we provide free delivery of empty containers and free collection of full containers, absorbing the transportation costs and most road fees (including tunnel fees). Where we must incur parking fees in order to arrange deliveries or collections, those fees will be added to your bill. We provide 1 free collection for each delivery of empty boxes. Any subsequent collection is charged at HK$200. Some locations will have surcharges which are listed when you place an order for boxes online. Urgent delivery or collection requests may be subject to a surcharge of HK$500.  Please click HERE to see more details.

What is the minimum storage period?

For door-to-door storage, we only require our customers to store at least 1 container with us for 1 month.

What happens if I order my items back within 1 month of putting them in storage?

We do not prorate months for door-to-door mini storage. If you have your items returned before the next billing cycle you will not be charged for the following month. If you arrange a return within a billing cycle, you will be charged for that whole month but not the next.

What happens if I order more containers than I need?

We actually recommend you order a couple more containers than you need just in case you underestimate how many items you wish to store. We’ll collect all containers, full and empty, together and we’ll only charge you for the storage containers that you actually use.

What happens if I change my mind and send back all my containers empty without using them?

In the case that you do not have any full containers to store with us, we’ll have to charge you HK$400 for the cost of delivering and collecting the empty containers from you.

Are my stored belongings covered by insurance?

Yes. Each door-to-door storage container is automatically insured for up to HK$1,000.00. Higher insurance coverage can be requested by giving us a call or sending us an email. Please review our terms and conditions for more details regarding insurance and how claims are handled.

How much do RedBox containers cost?

Our containers are completely free if you’re using our door-to-door storage service. You can keep empty containers for up to 7 days, after which we’ll charge you as if the containers were stored with us. If you wish to keep empty containers for yourself, we’ll charge you HK$200 per container, as well as a one-off fee of HK$200 for the delivery of those boxes to you.

What happens if I miss a payment?

While we understand there may be unforeseen circumstances that lead to a delay in payment, we will be required to impose fees for delinquent payments after a few reminders. In the case of missed payments for an extended period of 60 days, we may be left with no choice but to auction off your items in order to settle outstanding payments, administrative fees, etc. Please see our terms and conditions for further details. This is why it is always important to ensure that your contact information and credit card information are kept up to date.

What happens if I cancel or change a collection or delivery or if I am not available to receive it?

If you reschedule or cancel a collection or delivery within 24 hours before your scheduled time, we will be required to charge you HK$200. This same fee applies to any failed deliveries or collections. As a result, it is always best to contact us as soon as possible so that we can do our best to avoid having to charge you unnecessarily. Rest assured that we will always do our best to accommodate any changes without charging you.

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