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Home Office Ideas: Desk Storage & Organization

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Home Office Ideas: Desk Storage & Organization

With plenty of companies adopting hybrid working modes and shifting business premises into homes, desk organization has become a challenge for many people in Hong Kong. Given the limited storage space available in most residential homes in Hong Kong, how to free up desk and storage space for a better work-from-home environment?

Here are 4 desk organization and storage ideas for you to avoid getting overly cluttered.

Tip 1: Get vertical and lift things up

It is no secret that Hong Kong people often suffer from the limited square footage at home. It can be hard to claim some extra desk storage space while you nearly spend half of your day in front of a petite work desk. However, it is no excuse for an overcrowded workspace since you could always capitalize on your work area’s vertical potential. Simply add heights to your desktop computer or laptop setting with stands or drawers. Not only does it free up your valuable desktop space with added storage for office essentials, but it also potentially helps ease the strain on your neck and shoulder.  

Make sure your desk is well-lit while at the same time. To save space, consider installing an overhead desk light instead. An elegant, well-chosen pendant light comes with both style and functionality. An adjustable floor lamp also helps free up prime desk space for additional storage, depending on the design style of your room. 

Tip 2: Send them all to the shelves

Creating more space for storage on a desk can be as easy as tucking away your documents and office supplies in a shelving storage unit near your desk, be it a hanging shelf, floating shelf, bookshelf or simply a colourful rolling cart. Compared to your desk, they are probably more durable and sturdy for heavier objects storage, such as books and record folders. If you opt for a movable option like an office trolley, you could even enjoy the convenience of transporting it into another space or room in case you prefer a fresh office setting while working from home that day. Explore your wide range of storage options since some of the wheels in these trolleys could be lockable for extra safety and stability.

Tip 3: Turn paper clutters into wall decors

Expand your storage space by taking advantage of your empty wall. Postcards from old friends, childhood artworks, lovely travel photos, and old notes from that challenging project are evidence of fond memories that do not have to stay in stacks on your desk or drawers. Display them by taking them onto the wall and adding some fun to your desk organization.

A well-placed pinboard or bulletin board can hold important notes or daily reminder memos well. The possibility and styles are endless when you put your home walls to work. Utilise the wall space by hanging a DIY calendar or a wall clock. Consider pegboard - an amazing wall display with additional space for you to put up endless storage accessories such as open shelves, baskets, trays, and stationery organisers, you name it. They are also perfect for you to add some personal touch and interest to your workspace. Be it a cherished photo frame, beloved polaroids, postcards sending love from overseas, unique artwork or celebrity posters. Try up your office decoration game and get creative with colour sprays, storage boxes covered with patterned wrapping papers, washi tapes or even colourful post-it memos. You would find things much more stimulating and productivity-boosting.


Tip 4: Look externally for a self-storage unit that cares about your valuables

The ultimate tip to re-imagine your work desk organization has to be getting rid of things that you no longer need. However, the process of tidying and organising these objects could take up even more time than looking for somewhere to store them.

You would be able to save the hassle and store most of your home belongings with the help of a trustworthy self-storage rental unit at lightning speed. Simply make a list of the items that you wish to store, ancient paper records, excessive office supplies that might come in handy in the future or memorable farewell gifts from old colleagues - keep those that are not needed in everyday work routines in an accessible, safe self-storage unit.

Make sure you choose a service provider that truly cares about security and service quality. When it comes to important and confidential office documents, you cannot risk a chance of them burning into ashes in a fire or being dampened because of the humid climate weather. RedBox’s self-storage units are all fire-proof with industry-leading temperature control and certified safety measures to guard your valuables.

If you are an owner of a smaller business or work in the retail industry, also explore our Business Storage storage solutions designed for businesses to store inventories, office equipment and documents with optimal storage and safety. Our team is always ready to help free your home and desk space at +852 2556 1116. You could also send an email to for more details. Reclaim your office storage space with one of Red Box’s storage solutions now.

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