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How to choose a Self-Storage Facility

Thursday, September 29, 2022

How to choose a Self-Storage Facility

As we all know, living space in Hong Kong is limited and for many families, storage space is also limited. While the demand for self-storage increases daily, the quality and level of security of self-storage facilities to choose from will vary. There are, however, a number of considerations to take into account when choosing a mini-storage service, particularly when trying to find one that meets your individual needs. In order to simplify the process and ensure you make the right choice, here are six questions to ask before making a decision. 

#1: Is the mini-storage lease flexible?

While renting a mini storage unit is often for short-term urgent needs, there are also other reasons like moving, perhaps abroad, or renovation. There is no question the cost of the rental will be a major consideration. However, it is also important to pay extra attention to the flexibility of the rental agreement as well. Quite often a rental situation will require a certain level of flexibility and in this case contracts and regulations of different self-storage service providers differ greatly. Some only rent for set contracted periods, while others promote month-to-month rentals. RedBox prides itself on offering a flexible lease with no deposit, prepayment or hidden fees. There is no fixed contract with only a minimum one-month rental requirement. This flexibility allows you to choose from various long-term and short-term lease options and different sizes that will cater to your personal needs.

SAFE cert SSAA RedBox

#2. Does the mini-storage compartment meet compliance?

The safety of your belongings and valuables is what matters the most. If you choose a substandard self-storage company, you likely will not be protected by the regulatory authorities and this could have disastrous results in the event of an accident. RedBox is compliant with all the latest regulatory body requirements and is the first-ever operator in Hong Kong to be accredited under the new S.A.F.E self-storage standards launched by the Self Storage Association Asia and vetted by Knight Frank.

#3. Is the mini-storage safe?

It is also imperative when choosing a self-storage service to check whether the mini-storage facility is safeguarded with sufficient safety and security equipment, such as monitoring equipment, to protect your storage. All RedBox facilities are protected by around-the-clock CCTV with no visual blind spots and an access control system. We are the only operator in Hong Kong that extends access monitoring to each self storage unit.

Fire Protection Alarm Escape Map

#4. Does the mini-storage have comprehensive fire protection equipment?

In addition to the protective and security features, it is important to look into the fire protection equipment available at the self-storage facility. Again, these are often lifetime keepsakes and irreplaceable valuables so avoiding the hazardous fires that have occurred in some storage facilities is a security risk to be avoided. In order to ensure the safety your stored items, choosing a mini-storage with sweeping fire protection equipment becomes crucial. All RedBox storage spaces and facilities are equipped with alarms and essential fire suppression equipment. In addition, all the storage units come with room temperature control to keep the temperature and humidity at safe levels for maximum protection. 

#5. How convenient is the self-storage facility?

Locations of self-storage facilities are obviously very important. Transportation and delivery of items will be a major headache if the location is too remote. All of RedBox's mini-storage locations are extremely convenient and in close proximity to a variety of public transportation networks. Located across Hong Kong, you can choose from the five RedBox branches, including Yau TongTsuen WanSha TinChai Wan, and Tuen Mun. For drivers, all the facilities also have a dedicated loading area and car park for vehicles of all size.


Brand Award 2022 RedBox HKT

#6. How is the service quality?

In addition to superior hardware facilities, bespoke service quality is one of the most crucial factors in selecting a self-storage facility. Recently, RedBox's all-around services were recognized by PCCW Media's The Excellence Brand Award 2022. An acknowledged industry leader and premier self-storage provider, the award is a testament to RedBox’s excellent service record and a further affirmation of why your go-to choice should be us. When it comes to customer service and competitive prices, RedBox checks all the boxes. But don’t take our word for it, come see for yourself. For customers who would like more details about our service, check out our 3D space calculator and plan ahead. Keep your valuables organized and secure with the wide range of boxes and packing materials provided by RedBox's Box Shop.


RedBox Mini Storage, Hong Kong's Premier Storage Provider

RedBox’s storage solutions:

Self Storage | Self-managed storage units to suit every need; 

Door-To-Door Storage | We pick up, store and deliver your items when it suits you; 

Business Storage | We offer tailored and flexible solutions to maximize your business performance; 

Packaging & Merchandise | Everything you need to protect your belongings.

RedBox Mini Storage makes de-cluttering your residence simple and stress-free. For however long you need space, we are here to help. Whether it’s extra furniture, sporting equipment, seasonal clothes or an extensive collection of rare antique books, RedBox Mini Storage has a personal storage solution custom-made for you. Just tell us about your clutter and we’ll advise you the rest of the way. Your valuables are always valued in our care.

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