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How To Declutter Your Home: 5 Tips for Home Organization

Tuesday, June 6, 2023

How To Declutter Your Home: 5 Tips for Home Organization

Picture this: You’ve hauled two bags of clutter and are now sorting through the items to toss away, but you are undecided. Indeed, decluttering can be overwhelming and the idea of owning less may have you feeling defeated. Nevertheless, it is pivotal for freeing up more space at home, especially in a place like Hong Kong which is notorious for soaring housing prices and ever-shrinking flats.

Continue reading to discover 5 tips for creating a clutter-free home, from simple, creative home organization hacks to all-encompassing self-storage solutions.

Clutter-Free Home & Essential Living

Just because you want a clutter-free home does not mean you should throw everything away. Everyone owns keepsakes that evoke precious memories of love and joy and even convey a sentimental value they want to preserve for a lifetime. Seasonal items such as heavy outfits, bulky sports gear, and festive decorations likewise take up a lot of space but are not always useful. Yet, are you willing to eliminate this clutter amid the rise of minimalism?

Fairly speaking, a clutter-free life does not have to run counter to essential living. You can still live with your sentimental and seasonal items while decluttering your home. The key is to reclaim the precious space that these occasionally useful items occupy in your apartment – send them to mini storages. For a city like Hong Kong, we consider self-storage facilities the best solution for maximizing the space you live in while not needing to minimize anything out of your life.

5 Home Organization Tips on How To Declutter Fast

1. Free Up Space With Self-Storage

The easiest decluttering tip is to store everything you put into use rotationally in a self-storage. Depending on the storage facilities, some provide seamless access year-round so you can move your belongings in and out anytime while freeing yourself from seasonal storage needs. Read on to find out the recommended self-storage services on our list.

2. Decluttering One Thing a Day

Always start with something as simple as getting rid of one item per day. It will surprise you after a year that you will have gone so far as to declutter 365 items in your home. The success of an incredible home organization and clutter-free environment comes to those who sustain consistent efforts in decluttering.

3. Keep All Surfaces Clutter-Free

Flat surfaces are prone to clutter and mess. One rule of thumb for the home organization is to clean off all flat surfaces, including tabletops, nightstands, sideboards, and more, to make your home look instantly tidier.

4. Fill the Whole Garbage Bag

Stuff a trash bag full of your clutter and mess. The gradually shrinking space inside the bag will instil a sense of satisfaction and motivate you to look for more clutter to clean and eliminate.

5. Donate Your Clothes

Clothes constitute the most sizeable clutter in most people’s homes. Recycle or donate clothes you no longer wear to declutter your messy closet, couch, or chair where you may have piled your clothes.

Recommended Mini Storage in Hong Kong: RedBox Storage

As the largest storage facility in Hong Kong, RedBox offers a one-stop storage experience from contactless pickups and convenient access to top-notch security. Below is a quick breakdown for decluttering your home:

  • Contact RedBox to estimate how much storage space you need. View the sizes of lock-up units available, along with prices.
  • Online Purchase storage boxes and packaging materials from RedBox and deliver them to your doorstep.
  • Pack and keep track of your stored items with photos and descriptions.
  • Move these containers into one of RedBox’s temperature- and humidity-controlled, high-security warehouses. RedBox can also help you book vans and movers if needed.
  • At any time when you decide you want your stuff back, or wish to add to your self-storage unit, visit the warehouse during their working hours from 7 am to midnight.

Once everything is set up, you will receive a personal access code to the facility. You can also use your own padlock to add another layer of security. With its around-the-clock security system, you can rest assured that your valuables will remain safely in the exact same state that you brought them. The convenient facilities dotted across Hong Kong are also kitted out with big trolleys and industrial-sized lifts for customers’ ease of relocating bulking goods.

Another perk is that RedBox does not require a fixed contract period and minimum space for rent. The set-up process, from booking to signing an electronic contract, is simple and can be done in no time. Additionally, RedBox offers wardrobe boxes and furniture covers so you can protect your belongings the way you see fit, and rest assured that they will remain in good condition within their vaults.

If you wish to clean and declutter your home, request online availability and schedule a visit with RedBox now.


RedBox Mini Storage, Hong Kong's Premier Storage Provider

RedBox’s storage solutions:

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RedBox is situated at 5 locations in Hong Kong throughout New Territories, Kowloon, and Hong Kong Island. Learn more about all-weather storage solutions starting from as little as nine square feet on the website. With RedBox, decluttering becomes ever easier to save more space at home.

For more information on RedBox, visit

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