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Managing Your Mini Storage in a Smart Way

Thursday, May 25, 2023

Managing Your Mini Storage in a Smart Way

It’s small wonder that in a space-starved place like Hong Kong, self-storage has become quite popular. Keeping your space clean and decluttered while allowing for easy access to stored valuables is ideal. By devising an end-to-end smart storage solution, RedBox Storage is making the entire process even easier and more convenient. You can now manage your account, invoices, payments, and even unit access with our mobile app. By centralizing everything in your smartphone, we bring modern storage to the forefront by providing mobile access control, contactless storage, and top-notch security. Managing your mini storage in a smart way has never been more seamless and convenient.


Under access control, you hold a mobile credential to the secured storage unit. Connecting the cloud-based system to your smartphone makes all data accessible with the touch of a finger, including user access, invoices and payments. Mobile access control is readily emerging as a cutting-edge alternative to physical access systems, expanding your capabilities to better access, monitor, and perform all management functions remotely. Our smart storage solution is bound to save you time and elevate your storage experience in Hong Kong.

Mobile access control also allows seamless access to storage through the self-storage app, consolidating all activities on one platform. You can view entry points and units, facility information, make a payment, and even seek professional support. Streamlining your operational processes while maximising efficiency is of the utmost priority at RedBox Storage.


Eliminate the hassle of keys and padlocks with keyless storage, a state-of-the-art innovation that allows you to access the mini storage using your smartphone. No passcode or key is required to unlock your storage unit except authenticating your identity through the self-storage app. With no need for passwords or keys, you've got one less thing to remember.

Since the smartphone app is the only way to access the facility, keyless storage is an excellent tool to add an extra layer of security. Sharing access with your family, colleagues, delivery drivers, and other users is also now possible as you maintain the traceability of their entry and can cancel their access anytime for added security.


Contactless storage continues to make great strides in streamlining self-storage operations and minimizing unnecessary touchpoints. Whether you require more space for seasonal storage or want to move out valuables, our smart storage solution has it all. Not only can you access our online virtual tours to explore various storage facilities, but our user-friendly space calculator can also help estimate storage space requirements with pre-set collections for home and office. Reserve online, sign contracts, and move your valuables all in a contactless setting.


Security is always a top priority when it comes to mini storage. Your items are our priority, and we safeguard them at all costs. Boasting best-in-class security features, we check in every corner of the mini storage building around the clock with CCTV cameras, door access controls, and secured electronic gates with smart storage locks. Each storage unit is outfitted with built-in motion sensors that alert operation staff of unauthorized access, providing an extra layer of protection for your belongings. By being versed in all of the emerging high-end security technology, RedBox ensures that all containers are in the cocoon of around-the-clock security and stored in temperature and humidity-controlled warehouses.  


From mobile access control and keyless storage to high-end security, smart technologies have recently seen huge growth and development in the self-storage industry. Gone are the days when it was necessary to access your mini storage with a handheld key or make sure you remembered your passcode to avoid being locked out of your storage unit. With our smart storage solutions, you can now experience the peak of stress-free storage and access at the touch of a button.

Check out our smart storage services in Tsuen Wan, the first smart storage with keyless entry in Hong Kong. From lease up to move out, RedBox Storage leverages cutting-edge technologies, innovations, and the best smart practices to maximize your storage efficiency. From booking to signing an electronic contract, the entire process is both convenient and accelerated. If you wish to free yourself from temporary storage, request online availability and schedule a visit to our smart storage now.


RedBox Mini Storage, Hong Kong's Premier Storage Provider

RedBox’s storage solutions:

Self Storage | Self-managed storage units to suit every need; 

Door-To-Door Storage | We pick up, store and deliver your items when it suits you; 

Business Storage | We offer tailored and flexible solutions to maximize your business performance; 

Packaging & Merchandise | Everything you need to protect your belongings.

RedBox Mini Storage makes de-cluttering your residence simple and stress-free. For however long you need space, we are here to help. Whether it’s extra furniture, sporting equipment, seasonal clothes or an extensive collection of rare antique books, RedBox Mini Storage has a personal storage solution custom-made for you. Just tell us about your clutter and we’ll advise you the rest of the way. Your valuables are always valued in our care.

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