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Free Relocation

Effortless Storeroom Relocation

We make your office storeroom relocation easy! 

Unlock office space by moving your archive storage to RedBox self storage with a door-to-door solution. 

We offer a one-time transportation service from the office to your RedBox self storage unit for RedBox new corporate customers.

January 1, 2024 - December 31, 2024

Terms and Conditions

  1. This offer is applicable to new customers of RedBox Storage.
  2. This offer can be used in conjunction with eligible promotional offers. (Please check with our staff for details)
  3. Customers who meet one of the following conditions can be entitled one-time free move-in relocation service:
    • From another storage operator: Proof of their current engagement (ie contract, invoice or receipt) (within the latest 3 months) with another self storage operator is required.
    • From their office: Valid business registration proof (Business Registration or Certificate of Incorporation) is required.
  4. Relocated items not stored at RedBox are subject to transportation fees and disposal fees.
  5. RedBox will arrange the moving of items from the existing site & unit or office of the customer to the RedBox new unit. Packing materials and services are not included.
  6. The free relocation is non-refundable and applicable on the move-in day only.
  7. All matters and disputes will be subject to the final decision of RedBox Storage Limited.

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